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Before I Weigh

Witch Hats
Before I Weigh

2 Track, 7inch (2007, In-Fidelity)
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Less cataclysmic than simply overwhelming, the first taste of the Melbourne quartet’s overdue debut album finds them turning their primal punk-blues into a wall of sound. Guitars flicker and dive-bomb, while Kris Buscombe’s vocal goes from astral high in the verses to gutter low in the chorus as the rhythm section and harmonies sweep the song upwards. What’s curious is that the result is almost rousing – for a band that straddles vitriol and self-laceration ‘Before I Weigh’ is surprisingly anthemic. B-side is a stinging cover of ‘The She’, a Breeders track where the toy instrument jam feel of the original has been braced with Witch Hats malignancy. Album in 2008: hopefully it’s worth the extended wait.

by Craig Mathieson

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Your Comments

JulietK  said about 4 years ago:

kick arse

alec m  said about 4 years ago:
they don't even sound that different. get a bandcamp witch hats

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