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Dark MOFO 2014

Comment I Made 3 days ago

TSO playing Arvo Part


Oh, just found it. Link here for the interested

Avalanches news

Comment I Made 18 days ago

eh, it's not like they haven't fuelled needlessly fuelled speculation over the years.

website help

Comment I Made 22 days ago

I used Squarespace for a work website, I thought it was pretty good, but also had no previous website experience.

If I was going to start my own website, I'd prob sign up to Squarespace. Looks good, easy to use.

In terms of customisation beyond the template, it seems you can do whatever you want as long as you know the HTML or CSS for what u need.

Wheel of Redundancy

Comment I Made 24 days ago

Now it's my turn to console you!

Packages are nice, hope you got a good one. Job hunting is, umm, fun and fruitful ...

Shitty bands with shitty misspelled person names

Comment I Made 25 days ago

Tomb Hanx.

Seriously. Stop.

survivor: cagayan

Comment I Made 27 days ago

I think it's almost ironic Shit Tatts Cop is a cop - he plays like a fucking stoner. He thinks he's so deep in the game and makes all these weird-ass decisions thinking that he's operating on another level no-one can recognise. It's like me playing FIFA on Playstaion when I'm high.

Detested him in the first few episodes, but since they got rid of Bryce, I think we need more interesting characters to stay in the game. They're all a bit dull and unlikeable I think.

Recommend me something like ...

Discussion I Made 28 days ago

This is a thread you post in when you have binged a lot on a particular album/artist, and you need something more like it.

I really like the Fever Ray record, but it came out in 2009 and I have never really been able to find anything in quite the same vein since. I know there's gotta be stuff out there that's of a similar quality.

Recommend me something like Fever Ray pls.

March In March.

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

As our resident voice of conservatism, sting-bono, your voice and alternative point of view is valuable. However, it would be nice if you could proofread your comments before hitting post, because you actually don't make any sense.

Where were the protests for over 1000 drowning?

1,2,3,4! Gillard what did you sink those boats for?! 5,6,7,8 You literally took the boats, dragged them into deep water, and put holes in them, mate!

(is that how you envisage such a protest would go?)

March In March.

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

It was pretty great - will be interesting to see what traction it gets in the papers over the next few days though/

There's a bunch of other big stories on that meant it was relegated to the 5th story on ABC News - no idea if it got a mention on 7 or 9.

True Detective (HBO)

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

So it was Ignatius J. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces all along.


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