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Track By Track: Emma Russack

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

i really love this record.

Goldentone amps

Comment I Made about 3 years ago

i've taken mine to the guitar emporium in albert park a few times. always come back good.

In Brief: Crow, Bluebottle Kiss, The AMP

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

no this email was specific -


The deadline for entering an album in The 6th Australian Music Prize is this Friday the 29th October. This is a final call for all Austrlaian recording artists, across all genres to submit a full length musical work they have commercially released in the last 12 months. ''

In Brief: Crow, Bluebottle Kiss, The AMP

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

What I don't follow with AMP - why are they still sending ''last chance to enter'' emails if the long list is already chosen? I know of at least one artist who has received an email indicating that she is long list - if this is the case surely this is just blatant revenue raising!?!? Darren do you know??

AMP Longlist

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

nah - the longlist email asks you to send another 25 CDs out to the judges...

AMP Longlist

Discussion I Made about 4 years ago

Hi, anyone know anything about this years long list? I heard someone had already received an email confirming they were on it - but that seems strange given the closing date is 29/10 - or are entries judged as they are received?


Comment I Made about 4 years ago

i can't believe you switched over to the next cooking program on tv elle zo...

I Rock: Making It (Up) Bigtime

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

that bassplayer chick is pretty hot though


Comment I Made about 5 years ago

where are you based?

Another earthquake?

Comment I Made about 6 years ago

amazing - i was mixing... it must be a sign!


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