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Comment I Made 1 day ago

Myki call centre is done by the call centre I used to work at. They are idiots. I am not surprised. Sorry to hear what what.


Comment I Made 3 days ago

Take a photo of the error message. Give train cop your deets if you get caught and protest the fine later.b

Would you like some sweets Willy?

Comment I Made 4 days ago


Curse ov Dialect

Comment I Made 9 days ago

Raceless just showed me their upcoming video.

The song and videos featuring a pretty big name (not Taylor Swift big or Florence & The Machine big but P4K,Noisy big).

Apparently the that particular international act was a huge fan when he/she was a teenager!

Hopefully it will go viral!

I can't tell y'all who that is before a certain international music site premiere it!

Cheap Dentists

Comment I Made 14 days ago

Just take it off, chimp.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Comment I Made 14 days ago

So sad! :-(

Amy Winehouse

Comment I Made 16 days ago

Pete(r) Doherty wrote this really sad song after her death.

inb4 people saying that he is making money out of her death:

In early 2015, it was announced that Doherty will release Flags Of The Old Regime as a single, on Monday 9th March 2015, through Walk Tall Recordings. The single is released in aid of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, who will also receive all proceeds from the profits of the single. It was produced by Stephen Street and features Drew McConnell (Babyshambles / Helsinki) - bass, Jamie Morrison - drums, Stephen Large - keyboards and Stephen Street - acoustic guitar & percussion. The strings were arranged by John Metcalfe (Durutti Column).

TV Shows You've Watched Recently.

Comment I Made 16 days ago

Playschool. Eddie Perfect wasn't very good at the beginning but he is giving more effort now.

Your favourite Dino pictures

Comment I Made 22 days ago

Delete this website.

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 22 days ago

Obvious Child. Jenny Slate is awesome.


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