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Tour Diary: Sarah Mary Chadwick

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Nice. Instore at Polyester, yay.

Vegan News IV

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From a facebook group.

Okay, so, I rent the home I currently live in. I am vacating in a few days. Part of the vacating terms for me to get my bond back included clearing of all cobwebs... There's a gorgeous spider that's been living in the windowsill of my toilet for the entire year I've been here. She's never moved, never caused an issue, and she's my little buddy. She also just had babies yesterday!! Thousands of adorable, tiny, babies. What do I do? frown emoticon I really don't want to destroy her home, her babies, and her. She's never caused any problem.

Chats in the media

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Celebrity Sightings

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Kat Stewart shopping with a friend at Uniqlo.

Jack Mannix boycotts Sneaky Magazine

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Shit magazine. Vice wannabies.

Dear Christians, what if...

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Whaf if JC is not the Messiah?


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Better Call Saul

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Dun under the interstate law bit.

Publishing for kids music and jingles

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I can see Ben to be a Wiggle sidecast.

Favourite cover versions.

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Mercy Seat I meant


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