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Great 70's Hard Rock Artists/Albums

Comment I Made 24 days ago

Dave from Monster Magnet lists his favourite hard rock records, all late '60s and early '70s...

a.k.a. Riffs I have lifted and passed off as Monster Magnet songs.

Icons: The Scientists Pt 2

Comment I Made 28 days ago

Let's not forget that Dave Faulkner was already playing around Perth in the Beagle Boys before the Victims. There's an LP released by a Perth radio station in 1976 with a couple of Beagle Boys tracks along with Dave Hole and others - all turgid blues rock, but mostly (if not wholly) originals. Clarion was releasing local original artists in a range of styles all the way up until 1978 (although the later years still aren't documented particularly well, especially the titles which weren't distributed by Festival). There's a great Perth single c.1976 (which for now will remain nameless) released by Martin Clarke on an offshoot label, recorded live at the Thornlie Hotel. Fatty Lumpkin was still on the go. Grapevine had a single in 1977 with a couple of originals in the vein of the Small Faces. There are original records by folk groups, pub rock bands, disco artists, and on it goes. So I think that the notion that pre-punk Perth was totally dominated by cover bands is an oversimplification - it's a reductionist way of understanding the musical climate, but with that said, you can't ignore the fact that cover bands emerge so consistently in people's recollections. The cover scene probably seemed stiflingly ubiquitous to younger creative types at the time (as it seemed to me growing up in the '80s), and that's what's important if you're trying to get into their heads. That doesn't mean that other things weren't going on.

Icons: The Scientists Pt 1

Comment I Made 29 days ago

I wasn't there so I should probably shut up but when people say Perth bands of the mid-late 70s only played covers I always think: what about Bakery, Sid Rumpo, Opus/Pus/Dave Warner, Last Chance Cafe?

Or Supernaut, booked by a certain Louie Louie member and Scientists acolyte for his high school ball.

Opinion: Someone Please Tell Me Punk’s Not Dead

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

The heart of the punk movement of the ’70s and early ’80s took its focus from the bland suburban existence that youth were subjected to in and around the suburban areas of major Australian cities, primarily Melbourne.


Key members of bands like Primitive Calculators and Whirly Whirl


Good records you can still pick up cheap

Comment I Made about 4 months ago

Sweet and Slade records are the ultimate bang-for-your-buck cheapo rippers.

1980s Australian Synth-Pop

Comment I Made about 5 months ago

No worries gene. It's a different 12'' anyway - Taken As Gospel / Heroes and Wings.

1980s Australian Synth-Pop

Comment I Made about 5 months ago

Thanks electricsound, I'll double-check tonight but I think I'm all set for Particles singles now.

1980s Australian Synth-Pop

Comment I Made about 5 months ago

And since I'm here...

man overboard - do re mi

The first couple of Do Re Mi EPs have been getting a bit of a spin lately. The original version of Man Overboard is pretty good, though not within the parameters of this thread - more post-punk-ish in style.

1980s Australian Synth-Pop

Comment I Made about 5 months ago

Hey gene, I'm 99% sure I have a spare copy of one of the And An A 12''s if you're keen.

Ken Davis: ‘I Feel Everything I Play’

Comment I Made about 6 months ago

Yeah, Khan. We did songs called ‘Black Stallion Woman’, things like that. That was a good band. Full-on rock; Status Quo and that sort of thing.

Black Stallion Woman was released on an Adelaide radio station compilation LP - it's a cool song. The Khan single (Rockin' Through the Night) is pretty good, too. Still a synth vibe to both of those songs, despite being in more of a heavy rock style. I don't hear Status Quo though. It's more constipated than that - perhaps Ken was in need of more than just a spiritual cleansing.


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