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Does everyone remember Recovery?? on Saturday mornings!

Comment I Made about 5 months ago

I missed this. Did Nasenbluten/Bloody Fist get an airing?

Wallaby Beat: Australian punk, DIY, powerpop, grillfat etc.

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Thanks BB4, you won't be disappointed in the Ulsers LP. In the words of NAT records from Japan (via Babelfish), it is ''A freaky SAX Jazz Rock Influenced, uncontrolled gigantic raw Primitive Experimental 'Damaging' Jazz Punk mystery machine''.

The Danny Graham records aren't on the reissue agenda, but we do have something very cool in the pipeline.

Neurosis / Tribes of Neurot

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

I beg to differ tigers. I haven't bought a Neurosis record since the '90s, haven't listened to those records in 10+ years, recognised none of Saturday's set list, and thought they were one of the most impressive bands I've ever seen. Immensely powerful, and almost oppressively intense. As kazpatafta noted, the sound was incredible - staggeringly so, given the volume.

Wallaby Beat: Australian punk, DIY, powerpop, grillfat etc.

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Mentioning this again for the hard of seeing - our long-promised Ulsers reissues are finally out:

up and coming blacklist shows.

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Interesting. I found a Blacklist ''free root voucher'' a couple of weeks ago and wondered if it was still valid. No expiration date = yes?

ULSERS - Adelaide punk/postpunk reissues out now

Discussion I Made about 7 months ago

The long-awaited (by us!) Ulsers records are out now! Don't know the Ulsers? Start below and work your way back here for the full story.

Both records are pressings of 500. Coloured vinyl is limited to 100 and available only from Wallaby Beat. If you're not in Australia and don't care about coloured vinyl, hit up Easter Bilby and Florida's Dying (US), La Vida Es Un Mus (UK/Europe), and NAT Records (Japan).

Ulsers - Remember Them 7'' (Wallaby Beat, WBRS-2601)

Four songs of hilariously obnoxious avant-punk from the living rooms of suburban Adelaide. Originally released in a tiny pressing in 1980, Remember Them was (barely) circulated to friends and acquaintances, finding fleeting local infamy as ''the worst record ever made'' before disappearing from the collective consciousness for 30+ years.

Remember Them is now rightly regarded as a high-water mark of manic Australian DIY, taking punk rock as inspiration and bludgeoning it with the only instruments at the Ulsers' disposal - guitar, saxophone, harmonica, and cardboard boxes in place of drums. Paired with a slew of shouted profanity and stream-of-consciousness ranting, the result is unlike anything else before or since.

This legitimate reissue - reproducing the original and very rare cover, along with photos and a detailed band history - makes Remember Them available beyond the Ulsers' tight inner circle for the very first time.


  1. Cabaret
  2. Radio
  3. Julius Sumner Miller
  4. I'm An Italian

Ulsers - Forget Them LP (Wallaby Beat, WBRX-2602)

A full LP of previously unreleased recordings from the mighty Ulsers!

The Ulsers didn't manage an album during their loose existence from 1978-1983, but luckily for us, wherever they went a cassette recorder was never far away. Salvaged from the bottom of dusty drawers and long-forgotten boxes in the garage, those tapes survived just long enough for the Ulsers to personally cull their 10 favourite tunes.

Recorded in various Adelaide living rooms in 1981 and 1982, Forget Them captures the Ulsers in full-band mode, i.e. electric guitar, bass and drums. Don't let the conventional instrumentation fool you, though; there is nothing conventional about the sound which ranges from a sped up, punked-out take on their ode to Julius Sumner Miller to the 10-minute endurance test of Nerve Gas (think Flipper with chromosome damage tackling LA Blues). Forget Them's songs are more developed, the vocals more manic and the sax blurts even more spastic than on the Remember Them EP. The band states definitively that it's ''better'', and we won't disagree.

Comes with full-colour inner sleeve packed with more Ulsers photos than you ever thought possible.


  1. Alternative City
  2. Circumstances Were Conspiring Against Me
  3. I'm Not Going To Brighton
  4. JSM
  5. Take Off Outta Here
  6. In Your Eyes
  7. I'm Not Going To Stay With You
  8. Somebody Loves You
  9. Cabaret
  10. Nerve Gas

Wallaby Beat: Australian punk, DIY, powerpop, grillfat etc.

Comment I Made about 9 months ago

A bit quiet on the blog front of late, but if any Sydney-siders are at a loose end tonight, Wallaby Beat DJs will be playing records at The Bank in Newtown from 10pm.

Citizenship: Hard-Ons

Comment I Made about 10 months ago

(Ian Rilen) influenced me more than anyone else as far as bass playing goes. Him, and Rainey from Discharge.

When is this bloke gonna be made Australian of the Year?

The multiple choice section of this interview says nothing and speaks volumes. A+

Songs about Adelaide / other cities in Aus

Comment I Made about 10 months ago

The Ulsers - I'm Not Going To Brighton (''I'm not going to Glenelg, I'm not going to Kidman Park'' etc.)

Great 70's Hard Rock Artists/Albums

Comment I Made about 12 months ago

Dave from Monster Magnet lists his favourite hard rock records, all late '60s and early '70s...

a.k.a. Riffs I have lifted and passed off as Monster Magnet songs.


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