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‘Kindred Spirit’ AJ Maddah Joins Big Day Out

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

Also silenced: AJ's usually prolific Twitter feed.

Hasn't twatted for a whole 22 hours!

Golden Plains 2014

Comment I Made about 11 months ago

Had no expectations re PE and they were amazing - even (or especially) the cheesy vaudeville bits.

Scared some of the Fat Freddy's Drop fans who clearly couldn't cope with actual beats from an actual drummer

King Gizzard and Cosmic Psychos were the other highlights.

Hiatus Kaiote are fucking shit.

geelong - the actual town, not the FC

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

I would have liked to hear from voters on why they went for him. He did win 30% of the primary vote, after all.

Generic Golden Plains tickets thread

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

In the market for one.

Bands AJ from Soundwave doesn't like

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Because running a supermarket is exactly the same as organising a touring rock festival.

Bands AJ from Soundwave doesn't like

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

seems like such a nothing article, so what if this bozo went fishing?

He's supposed to be the CEO. Why would he be fishing on bump-in day? It makes no sense.

I dunno, the collapse of Australia's once-preeminent alternative music festival - the one that people like Gudinski and Pav could not break - seems like a yarn to me.

Bands AJ from Soundwave doesn't like

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Zammit's mates are now ganging up on Chris Johnston on Twitter. Don't like the reference to the bike ride cos it was some kind of charity do. However, they don't seem to have much to say about the bit where Zammit went fishing the day before the Melbourne BDO.

They must have missed it, even though it's the opening par.

Fitzroyalty - Brian Ward, the Indolent Dandy

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Well it's been nearly a year since the Seabellies thread was mysteriously deleted

It got deleted? That is mysterious.

Triple J

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Everything everybody's been saying about Triple J for more then a decade. Hope it gets a hood,airing.

M&N owner moves to advertorial model

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Desperate times in publishing all round.

(This post brought to you by Smirnoff.)


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