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RocKwiz Urges Punters To Stay In: ‘Going Out To Gigs Is Scary’

Comment I Made about 3 years ago

jesus guys, get a sense of humour

Great Debate #3: Are Cassettes Here To Stay?

Comment I Made about 3 years ago

As one of those wacky 'over-35s'entioned earlier who had to put up with cassettes thrrought my teenage years I'd be very happy to never see one ever again. I still have and use and love my vinyl from the late 70s and the 80s but don't own any of the 100s of tapes I had. They sound crap, they don't last, they're a smaller canvas for artwork and liner notes than a cd. (The only thing I miss is the ritual of making a mix tape for a party, something that took half a day).

Sadistik Exekution Drummer On ‘Wife Swap’

Comment I Made about 3 years ago

I still have a SE sticker on my guitar case I got at the Evil Star in 1989. Ow.


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