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Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 21 hours ago

i've never seen that one, sounds good!

i watched Fanboys last night. unsurprisingly bad, i knew it would be, i have only myself to blame.


Comment I Made 3 days ago

former bandmates bitching about each other publicly invariably makes both parties look shithouse.

Albums with dog's balls singles

Comment I Made 4 days ago

Surfer Rosa - Gigantic - the only song where the lead singer isn't singing lead. catchy as it is, i'd have thought ''Where Is My Mind'' would be the better choice

guns n roses

Comment I Made 5 days ago

my preferred Guns N Roses bio goes like this: band mysteriously appears. does ''Appetite For Destruction''. mysteriously vanishes.

Louis Theroux!!

Comment I Made 5 days ago

oldie but a goodie on abc2 - the weird weekends one with the survivalists in Idaho.

i loved that one. it's one of the best.

is there any legal way to watch his stuff? the LA stories were on TV/iview/something like that, but i haven't seen anything about the transgender kids one anywhere.

guns n roses

Comment I Made 5 days ago

jesus. i thought Chinese Democracy WAS the songs that didn't make it to Chinese Democracy! an unbelievably (yet sadly believably) awful album.

Roy Harper

Comment I Made 15 days ago

i've been looking for news about Roy Harper, but there's been a fairly deafening silence lately. the latest news is from early Feb, saying that he was acquitted, with the possibility of a retrial.

When did the eighties turn shit?

Comment I Made 20 days ago

I'm not sure we're all in consensus about exactly what is shit

my understanding is that 'shit' = the endemic sameness of many different styles of popular music in the 80s. the opposite of artistic risk/diversity/individuality. nothing to do with personal judgments of what is shit or not shit music.

When did the eighties turn shit?

Comment I Made 21 days ago

The Phil Cillins has a lot to answer for by inventing the 'gated snare' sound that EVERYBODY then copied. You'd be hard pressed to find a post mid-80s song without that horrible snare sound.

yeah he started the craze. then came a studio in NY that was built specifically for that giant, live-sounding reverb. it was on the most garishly 80s sounding records by Springsteen, Bowie, Hall and Oates, Madonna, Bryan Adams. the new mixing desks had gating as an effect. the book 'Perfecting Sound Forever' is amazing if you're looking for a list of people to lynch over gated drum reverb.

i reckon hair metal is also a factor - hard rock and pop artists became indistinguishable except by their look. that the Bangles (later stuff), Bonnie Tyler and Bryan Adams all sounded just like Poison, Bon Jovi and Ozzy Osbourne couldn't have helped things.

When did the eighties turn shit?

Comment I Made 21 days ago

I'd like to get into the reasoning behind it.

they would have wanted to set themselves apart from the last generation, like every generation does, and the 70s being so heavy on artistry and experimentation probably made 80s artists want to do the opposite. new technology was a shortcut to a sense of newness/moving forward, stepping out of the shadows of the 'classic' artists with their ''new sound'', which i can imagine would have been hard to resist, if only out of fear of being left behind. everyone leaning so heavily on a handful of new synths/machines/effects is to me the biggest factor in the shittening of the 80s.


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