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Ohms gigs etc

Comment I Made 1 day ago

Bar Open tonight w/ Brat Farrar, Drongo & The Drongos, No Sister

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 1 day ago

Roadie great B-movie. starring Meatloaf.

Supersense - Festival of the Ecstatic

Comment I Made 2 days ago

there is no way an Ashra/Ariel collab won't be awesome.

Silicon Valley

Comment I Made 3 days ago

well horses for courses, strokes for folks, etc.. i just think Mike Judge is a master producer/writer - it's an intricate, twist-filled plot, but it's conveyed in a pure and simple way.

Silicon Valley

Comment I Made 4 days ago

definitely the best show on TV at the moment. i'm constantly amazed by how good it is

Explain Rebel Wilson

Comment I Made 5 days ago

yeah Rebel Wilson sux.

the QUEEN thread

Comment I Made 9 days ago

yeah i've come to really like Hot Space. took me a while, having wrongly assumed that disco = crap, but it's definitely good.

recommendations on must have best of cannon albums please.

i'd say the 5 albums from Queen II - News of the World are the 'classics', although i pretty much love all of it.

the simpsons

Comment I Made 10 days ago

so Harry Shearer's quit.

The ''Alice Cooper'' Thread

Comment I Made 10 days ago

thanks for mentioning the cheap tickets on here Kez, i wouldn't have gone otherwise!

my review is similar - Alice Cooper was just the best. too good to describe; everyone should just go and see him. Motley Crue were pretty shit. nice to see lots of stuff on fire - more gigs need fire - but otherwise nothing much to report.


Comment I Made 15 days ago

to be fair, it wasn't a very good intervention - needed less junkies.

that film was grade A gold


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