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Banned words for 2013

Comment I Made 7 hours ago

the word ''slam'', when used as an overly action-packed substitute for ''disparage'', ''criticise'', etc. e.g. music headlines that read, ''Artist A slams Artist B for doing something they didn't like''.

(PS very prescient prediction there, Kez!)

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 9 days ago

2 corkers i've seen lately: - Non-stop - suspenseful and awesome Liam Neeson mystery on a plane trying to figure out who's murdering passengers - Ravenous - crazy, warped, excellent 1999 film about cannibalism in the old days, feat Guy Pierce and Robert Carlisle

Heathen Skulls/McManus Entertainment

Comment I Made 11 days ago

why don't the band and promoter ever get this stuff in writing? i know getting legal isn't ''cool'' in the casual world of underground music, but it sure would help sometimes.

North of Scotland

Comment I Made 12 days ago

woah. i'm glad i don't know that guy. he looks like the guy in the Young Ones who ate his neighbour's goldfish when he wasn't even hungry.


Comment I Made 13 days ago

wow, that's pretty much as good as a lot of their early stuff

Worst Album Covers 2014

Comment I Made 16 days ago

wow that's awful. this one's pretty bad too:

The Neil Young Thread

Comment I Made 16 days ago

He probably caught her in bed with an iPod

hahaha, now there's a sketch i'd like to see!

The Bedroom Philosopher - Tram Inspector

Comment I Made 20 days ago

^ i've just finished reading that book, and i thought it was really, really, really good

cheap trick to tour ??

Comment I Made 20 days ago

i find Cheap Trick going on earlier than usual to be great news indeed. no Bun E. Carlos is a bit sad but. does anyone know when tickets go on sale?

also has anyone else listened to Tinted Windows, AKA bizarre pop-rock supergroup feat. Bun E, Taylor Hanson and more? if so, what did you think? i'm not sure if it's terrible or if it's just on some higher plane of reality beyond my comprehension

Morrissey and The Smiths

Comment I Made 21 days ago

i imagine it's going to be like Rik Mayall's ''Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ'', only serious


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