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Bass player needed

Comment I Made 2 days ago


Really enjoying the tunes.

thanks LG!

Ask Steve Albini!

Comment I Made 2 days ago

possibly spasticated question, but does a ''keynote speaker'' always necessarily speak at the beginning? i'm looking to get a one-day ticket to go listen to Steve, and am wondering which day he's speaking.

wikipedia had the following historical tidbit on keynote speakers: ''The term key note comes from the practice of a cappella, often barbershop singers, playing a note before singing. The note played determines the key in which the song will be performed.''

Banned words for 2013

Comment I Made 3 days ago

''ice bucket challenge'' - i appreciate that technically it's a good thing because it raises money for some important acronym, but, i'm seriously sick of my facebook being full of famous peoples' totally unsurprising reactions to very cold water

Bass player needed

Comment I Made 8 days ago

if i had a dollar for every time a bass player said they didn't have an amp, i'd have like, 5-10 dollars.

Why are you apologising?

Comment I Made 8 days ago

the 'outrageous statement' seems to be the new publicity tool for the famous. post something controversial, that with any luck will 'go viral'. there's nothing to lose - it's free. if it backfires, just ''issue'' a ''heartfelt'' apology and get a 2nd round of publicity.

Bass player needed

Discussion I Made 9 days ago

Ohms needs a new bass player.

this is Ohms:


if interested, send an email ohmsohmsohms (at)

Ohms gigs etc

Comment I Made 9 days ago

playing Tote front bar from 5pm today as part of Modesty's residency.

last show with current bass player - if anyone wants to play bass with Ohms, email ohmsohmsohms (at) ta

Banned words for 2013

Comment I Made 10 days ago

i haven't heard that one. is a mentee what a mentor mentors?

nathan for you

Comment I Made 26 days ago

The Claw of Shame was probably the best thing to happen to comedy in the last decade

Funny Youtube vids.

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

''Heil Honey I'm Home''


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