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Melbourne Police State

Comment I Made 2 days ago

I wonder how non-Jewish citizens responded to those legislative changes when they happened - did they say 'i don't think we need to worry too hard about this... it's just pathetic' or 'it's just messaging and political points scoring' etc

yep - calling the govt's bluff on this is tantamount to voting for the Nazis. there's no need to prove Godwin's law.

Melbourne Police State

Comment I Made 2 days ago

Is this possibly the one time in history that donning blackface and walking around the city could be seen a legitimate protest against racism?

that's mindblowing. please do that!

i don't think we need to worry too hard about this - as noted already, it's just a pathetic, desperate PR move by a failing government. there's shit all the Border Force is actually empowered to do to a random passer-by in the CBD without reasonable suspicion etc. those guys are gonna have a boring weekend.

the last quote in the ABC's story is good: ''It doesn't change [ABF's] jurisdiction or what it's able to do, but this seems to be more about public perception than legal reality.'' Shorten and Hanson-Young in SBS's story both described it as a costly, bad-taste ad for the Libs, which it is.

guns n roses

Comment I Made 2 days ago

James Young reminds me a bit of AJ Maddah with his 'loud showbiz maverick' shtick (different hat though)

Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Comment I Made 6 days ago

i have a friend whose body and house were once constantly decorated with Tim and Eric merchandise until he saw them live, after which he never mentioned the names ''Tim'' or ''Eric'' ever again. so that's one bad review i've heard.

guns n roses

Comment I Made 6 days ago

it'd be really cool if they reunited the early line up and toured just playing the old material (pre-UYI), minus Dizzy Reed, choir, horn section etc. i doubt they have the good sense/taste to, though. Axl will probably not be able to swallow his pride and admit that the newer stuff sucks

Dear Client

Comment I Made 8 days ago

i suggest - talk to a lawyer and see what they suggest - file a claim with your state's CAT (e.g. VCAT)

don't try and resolve this by e.g. withholding stuff, unless lawyer says it's okay. it makes things difficult if you breach the very contract you're trying to get paid under. by all means make inquiries with the higher-ups about it, but being uncooperative might ultimately cost you

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 9 days ago

i was not aware of the Guns N Roses/NWA thing, that's interesting. i'd be interested to see that film, as whitewashed as it sounds. the Freddie Mercury biopic sounds like it's going that way too.

Pick a favourite album from 20 years ago and listen to it again.

Comment I Made 10 days ago

i got nostalgic about music i liked in school last night, and listened to Toxicity by System Of A Down, which i hadn't heard in 10+ years. pretty bad/annoying/tasteless. the lyrics are like a stoned guy who thinks he's clever but he's not. (i LOL'd when i remembered that he released a book of poetry.)

it revealed how unworldly/naive/unsubtle/shallow my listening habits were, even though it felt so right at the time. i assumed that these grown men were so clever/talented/cool, whereas they were none of those things. listening to them now, i can see how they were kind of brave and idiosyncratic, but mainly it just sounds like immature guys trying to be clever.

still, you can't deny their conviction/sense of purpose, and they got some powerful takes on the recording... reminded me that Rick Rubin knows how to get the right feel from performers and singers especially. i'd give this nostalgic experience a 4 out of 10

Side 1, Track 1

Comment I Made 11 days ago

Judas Priest are the kings of the shockingly good opener.

re: I Wanna Destroy You, i'd say that's one of those too-big openers - it sets the bar way too high and the rest of the album, while strong, fails to reach the same heights. i reckon the title track (which is last) would have been a better first track.

to me King Crimson '21st Century Schizoid Man' and Husker Du 'New Day Rising' are perfect examples of making a perfect entrance without using up the album's best track in the process.

Your Recent Vinyl Purchases

Comment I Made 13 days ago

The Cooper Temple Clause - ''See This Through And Leave'' - on 6 x 7''s at 33RPM. so impractical and sonically inferior, yet so limited edition.


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