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Streaming music services (Spotify, Now, Rdio, et al)

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they're seeing a quickly rising number of streams and steeply falling number of album sales, but the revenue doesn't balance out.

''you'd be much better off getting tens or hundreds of Bandcamp sales than tens of thousands of plays on Spotify. The money would be better.''

those are the key quotes. it doesn't matter if the band sucks - 90,000 streams should make them some money. if they'd got just 5 cents a stream they'd have $4,500. even 1c per stream would = $900. there was that article by the guy from Galaxie 500 (i think) saying that X thousand Spotify streams = 1 x 7'' worth. streaming is fine, but they need to split the cash better. Bandcamp is reasonable. Apple charges like a physical distributor, so it's not that reasonable, but at least it's understandable/transparent how they got that figure. Spotify effectively replaces a record sale with something far smaller than an APRA royalty. 15 million paid subscribers = $150 million ? a month, plus ad revenue from 45 million others. i don't know their total streams per month, but their 'scale' obviously needs a lot of levelling if 90,000 in a month = $130 (0.14 cents a stream). it was hard enough to make money in the old record industry; considering streaming revenue doesn't make up the shortfall in record sales, it's harder now.

re: Albini - he's mostly right; it's great that independent artists can reach an audience online that they couldn't before. but, that's due to inevitable technological changes, it's not because the 'gatekeepers' suddenly got generous. Albini neglects to explain why it's okay that monolithic tech corporations of evil pay worse than the majors ever did. he ignores that the strong-arming has hit a new level. this 'new landscape' where the money's in gigs is a self-fulfilling prophecy: it makes the recorded music deals so one-sided against the artist that of course gigs will be the only source of money (or, in the case of torrent sites, there's no deal in place at all). it's fine to make most of your money from gigs, but why that means your record deals should therefore be awful i don't understand. i read recently that 98% of bands make 98% of sales at gigs (source: forgotten). why Albini has so much contempt for the old industry when to me it looks objectively better than the new one, i put it down to some bitter experience he had with the old one that he hasn't had with the new one yet.

the fact that Spotify pays fractions of cents (also known as ''nothing'') is obviously ridiculous. there isn't even a coin smaller than 5 cents anymore - if you dropped it, you wouldn't pick it up. if they consider you so unpopular that you aren't worth paying, then why don't they kick you off the service? they probably make more money by keeping you, even if it's just so they can boast having X million songs. the CEO's one of the world's richest men, and whenever he's confronted with the reality of his 'payment' system, he cries poor. he's pathetic.

streaming just needs to be tweaked so that it's not only the company that's getting paid. i'd be surprised if Spotify's rate for most artists is even 1:99 artist/company. and i'd be surprised if they went 70/30 artist/company and still weren't raking it in.

An announcement is coming

Comment I Made 18 hours ago

that oughta fix those little SOBs.

M+N trivia

Comment I Made 18 hours ago

i have no idea who they are. i think that's one of the questions i usually get wrong

M+N trivia

Comment I Made 19 hours ago

so i got to the top of alternative/indie in Australia. it really needs more questions - it's not much of an achievement when you've seen basically all the questions before.

Andrew Bolt is OK with me

Comment I Made 3 days ago

sorry, yeah he believes in looking out for number one but that's about it

Your Recent Vinyl Purchases

Comment I Made 4 days ago

Neil Young: Trans (very happy to get this, been after it for years, my 4 year old thinks Transformer Man is the best song ever, so proud!)

it IS the best song ever!

Andrew Bolt is OK with me

Comment I Made 4 days ago

He's a Murdoch schil; an actor, nothing more. I feel he's more playing the Bolt ''character'' for cash. trolling for bucks.

word to all these. never let him trick you into thinking he actually believes in something.

Video clips based on films

Comment I Made 4 days ago

Metallica - ''I Disappear'' - a rehash of four movies/theme from a bad sequel

M+N Mix Swap 2015

Comment I Made 4 days ago

that looks like an interesting mix! you should set up a link to download it, however you do that. good call on Ivor Cutler and Half Man Half Biscuit. HMHB were originally in my mix (''god gave us life''), but ultimately felt out of place.

Your Recent Vinyl Purchases

Comment I Made 6 days ago

good choices. 'In the court of the Crimson King' is one of my most played LPs. that album could go forever and it wouldn't get boring.


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