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Dear Gen Y Re: The 80's. Get Over It

Comment I Made 10 hours ago

it's going to be awful.

the best thing about a 90s revival is that it's the only thing that will stop the 80s revival. maybe Singles will be the new Breakfast Club! (i.e. the new nostalgia fest that nobody can admit sucks)

Dear Gen Y Re: The 80's. Get Over It

Comment I Made 1 day ago

i don't think the 90s revival has quite hit us yet, but i did see a guy wearing long johns under shorts the other day... a chilling vision of things to come

Great music docos on youtube

Comment I Made 4 days ago

Getting The Knack. the rise and fall of a massive flash in the pan, surprisingly interesting story

Best albums of 2014 (so far)

Comment I Made 8 days ago

yeah it rules! that and Eagulls are shaping up to be my favourites

Huxtaburger??? Has anyone tried?

Comment I Made 14 days ago

haven't eaten at Curtin for a while, but it was way above average food for way below average prices. it'd be sad if that's no longer the case

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 17 days ago

djbollocks said 3 hours ago: Interstellar I'm sure there are numerous holes in the script but I just got swept up in the story so much that I didn't dwell on them. Incredible visuals and some very suspenseful action scenes. Try and see it at IMAX if you can.

i saw it with an astrophysicist, who seemed to think the story checked out pretty well. i loved it

Best albums of 2014 (so far)

Comment I Made 22 days ago

you think that for real? i'm imagining people in a rehearsal space just sitting around clicking refresh on stereogum or something.

yeah i was exaggerating a bit - i don't think it's quite that bad, i just think instead of taking risks, most of the bands i like are doing what has worked for them before, which is a shame.

Best albums of 2014 (so far)

Comment I Made 29 days ago

I also got a sense of middle of the road ness this year - can barely think of five albums that I listened to twice. It all sounds so careful/calculated, like artists now are all just cautiously waiting for the next trend or something. I'm pretty sure that's not just me being jaded.

Fuck the Melbourne rental market

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

by dog-friendly do you mean with a landlord who is OK with dogs? i lived with a forbidden dog for years - it was easy enough to remove it for inspections

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

22 Jump Street

word. very low on larfs


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