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Banned words for 2013

Comment I Made 8 days ago

Callling inanimate objects ''bad boy'', as in ''just wait till you try this bad boy'', handing over a plate of, I dunno, food.

oh my god yeah. and also, let's not forget ''puppies''

Best Films of 2014

Comment I Made 10 days ago

maybe it's a sign that i'm an idiot, but it's quite possible that the film i enjoyed most this year was Non Stop

Best rock/music books (non fiction)

Comment I Made 14 days ago

i just finished 'Everybody Loves Our Town', the story of Seattle grunge, from its origins, to becoming over-fashionable, to its rapid decline. all direct quotes from the people involved. i'm not a fan of most of the music, but i still couldn't recommend a music book more. (it also has a handy index at the back, so if you forget who the person talking is, you can check! i know right!)

James Bond Appreciation

Comment I Made 16 days ago

that 'fashion fail' is hilarious. a jumper! outrageous!

according to IMDB Sam Mendes is also 'rumoured' to be doing the one after Spectre. i don't actually think he's that great. they need to get Martin Campbell back (GoldenEye, Casino Royale) - best (non-retired) Bond director there is.

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 17 days ago

i like that there are 2 films in the movies at the moment - Nightcrawlers and Fury - with titles that get Judas Priest songs in my head.

has anybody checked out Pride, is it any good, or is it just sentimental Richard Curtissy crap set in an English village that my mum would like?

Cards Against Humanity?

Comment I Made 21 days ago

yeah i've played this, the funny-to-effort ratio is superb

Dear Gen Y Re: The 80's. Get Over It

Comment I Made 23 days ago

it's going to be awful.

the best thing about a 90s revival is that it's the only thing that will stop the 80s revival. maybe Singles will be the new Breakfast Club! (i.e. the new nostalgia fest that nobody can admit sucks)

Dear Gen Y Re: The 80's. Get Over It

Comment I Made 24 days ago

i don't think the 90s revival has quite hit us yet, but i did see a guy wearing long johns under shorts the other day... a chilling vision of things to come

Great music docos on youtube

Comment I Made 27 days ago

Getting The Knack. the rise and fall of a massive flash in the pan, surprisingly interesting story

Best albums of 2014 (so far)

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

yeah it rules! that and Eagulls are shaping up to be my favourites


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