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Fuck the Melbourne rental market

Comment I Made 7 days ago

by dog-friendly do you mean with a landlord who is OK with dogs? i lived with a forbidden dog for years - it was easy enough to remove it for inspections

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 11 days ago

22 Jump Street

word. very low on larfs

Banned words for 2013

Comment I Made 13 days ago

''drop'', when describing releasing an album.

Morrissey and The Smiths

Comment I Made 16 days ago

yeah. shit times.

i'm almost finished the aforementioned Autobiography - it's actually great, once you get past the Dickensian childhood.

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 17 days ago

gone girl the latest twisty turny thrilly thing from david fincher. adapted from the wildly popular novel by the author is brought to the screen effectively. interested to hear what viewers who hadn't read the book thought.

i haven't read the book and i thought it was great. was a bit confused/unconvinced by the ending though

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 17 days ago

'O Lucky Man' is mind blowing, Zombo. Have you seen ''If...'' or ''Britannia Hospital''?

it really is! i think i saw a bit of Britannia Hospital many years ago, but fell asleep or something. i'll have to revisit it and check out If..., as it was only after watching O Lucky Man that i read that these films were related (trilogised, if you will)

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made 18 days ago

saw O Lucky Man the other night. the longest film i've ever not been bored by. seriously great. conceived by/starring Malcolm McDowell of Clockwork Orange fame, and is just an indescribably involved (yet easy) watch. also has a 'band in the film' soundtrack, not unlike the Wicker Man, and features the Animals' organist.

the simpsons

Comment I Made 20 days ago

it didn't work, there's just no chemistry/common ground.

plus it was mostly just Family Guy using the Simpsons for parody material (like Blue Harvest used Star Wars). Seth obviously went nuts while the Simpsons just phoned it in for money, as they've become so good at doing. the Nelson/Stewie stuff was shithouse.

the car wash scene was up there with Family Guy's best bits, but i was uncomfortable seeing Homer slutted out like that for a joke. i'm used to Family Guy treating its characters like undignified rag-dolls to be humiliated for cheap laughs, but the Simpsons (at its peak) had more respect for its characters than that.

Banned words for 2013

Comment I Made 23 days ago

the word ''slam'', when used as an overly action-packed substitute for ''disparage'', ''criticise'', etc. e.g. music headlines that read, ''Artist A slams Artist B for doing something they didn't like''.

(PS very prescient prediction there, Kez!)

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

2 corkers i've seen lately: - Non-stop - suspenseful and awesome Liam Neeson mystery on a plane trying to figure out who's murdering passengers - Ravenous - crazy, warped, excellent 1999 film about cannibalism in the old days, feat Guy Pierce and Robert Carlisle


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