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Goofbang - a digital zine for artists

Comment I Made about 6 years ago


Goofbang - a digital zine for artists

Discussion I Made about 6 years ago

So i've created this digital zine for publishing art by artists in a slightly different way than usual.

The content is made up of a file system, much like a mix CD, but as files instead, and we have it up as a zip file, a torrent and an iso. We take music, visual art, videos, text... basically anything that can fit into a reasonably sized file.

We publish stuff online for people to check out, and we also make CD's of the issues and distribute them around Australia at train stations, uni's, workplaces... basically anywhere we can slyly hide a CD so that people may spot them and take them home and experience. The idea is to aim at people who may not usually experience art and who might get something cool out of this, as well as give some free press to the artists in each issue.

We'd love any feedback you guys may have for this, this is an initiative that we're sure has been done before and would love to hear some cool ideas on how this could be changed/made cooler.

anyways, check it at, and if you're dig it and want to submit stuff for future issues, you can email us at content(at) goofbang(dot)com, we're always taking submissions and I know there's some cool artists on here who could get into this.

We're doing a bit of a launch thingy at This Is Not Art in October, but I don't know much more than that atm.

Thanks guys!


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