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Worst Album Covers 2014

Comment I Made 10 days ago

Worst Album Covers 2014

Comment I Made 10 days ago

Worst Album Covers 2014

Comment I Made 10 days ago

Exclusive Stream: Hits ‘Hikikomori’

Comment I Made about 3 months ago

I'm never DISAPPOINTED watching this band LIVE! Here is some raw footage from last night playing in Sin Kilda. ㋡

Hits - Disappointed (Anzac Day at Prince Bandroom)

Hits - Jesus F Christ (Anzac Day at Prince Bandroom)

Forthcoming: Total Control

Comment I Made about 4 months ago

Total Control have been performing some of these new songs almost a year ago.

Here is my FAV song from the ones that I heard off their new album, 'Systematic Fucks'. ㋡

Photos: Port Royal Street Party

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

If you look closely, you might see me also in Photo 17. #selfie ㋡

Photos: Port Royal Street Party

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Here are some exciting HD Videos from the Port Royal Street Party. WHAT A BLOODY RIPPER OF A DAY! Watch Link Meanie of The Meanies do a Lionel Richie as he starts DANCING ON THE CEILING at the 9 minute mark! ㋡ More Meanies Cosmic Psychos The Murlocs Bits Of Shit Straight Arrows Batpiss Harmony The Spinning Rooms

News In Brief: Port Royal Street Party, Minimum Wage, Lifted Brow

Comment I Made about 7 months ago


Yeah, that would be Link Meanie climbing up on the stage roof and ''Dancing On The Ceiling''. Good times all round! HIGH FIVE, if you were there and saw THIS happen. Fast forward to the nine minute mark, if you have an attention deficit disorder. ㋡

Films watched recently #4

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Bad Milo.

Highly recommended for a good for laugh with your mates....that is assuming you have any! ㋡

Carb On Carb - Eden Terrors

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Contrary to popular belief, I am not featured in this video. :(


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All About Me


Everyone calls me ''Carbie'', as in carburettor. I am a Melbourne based freelance music photographer and I cover numerous international and local events. I have done numerous photo shoots directly for the artists, records companies, music publications, promoters and radio stations. I am very proud to be working with MESS+NOISE. I also contribute to Triple J Magazine and numerous other music websites and I have had my photographs printed in Rolling Stone magazine, The Age and numerous other respected publications. I am the official photographer of one of the most popular Melbourne events, The Community Cup. When the SLAM Rally was being organised, they called on me to document the event. Tourism Victoria are hosting a collection of my music photographs on their popular website. I am currently photographing Fed Square Live Presented By The Push, which is their current series of free concerts at Federation Square. The new forthcoming Music Victoria website, will also be hosting a selection of my music photographs.

Wanna see some of my concert photos?

Here is a Best Of Photo Gallery:

I also now taking HD Videos concert footage.

I'm usually try to do 2-3....sometimes 5 gigs a week in Melbourne. So if you're an avid concert goer, you probably have seen me. If you do, come and say "HELLO". :)

What gig am I shooting next? I announce that, as well as preview new photos via Twitter.

If you want to chat with me, catch me on Facebook:

Also on MySpace and various other websites. So if you see a photograph with my beloved CHOOK, you know it's a CarbieWarbie pic! ㋡

Ciao 4 now

Your pal, Carbie

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