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Comment I Made 1 day ago

hey Your Highness, save me a phone call? i'm with NAB. my credit card expires this month. i got a replacement card like two weeks ago. am i supposed to wait for a PIN to come separately? or does my new credit card know my old PIN?

Bjork Appreciation Thread

Comment I Made 2 days ago

i feel ya, moke. i'm planning to see the concert film at ACMI to see if it can charm me enough and teach me to enjoy the album more. it's a slog, but it is rewarding.

i wonder what the 2015 LP will be like.

Laneway Festival Reveals 2015 Lineup

Comment I Made 3 days ago

hmm... what are the chances of an FKA twigs sideshow? she's not designated as being exclusive, but does having laneway gigs on feb 6, 7 and 8 mean there just won't be time to schedule a melbourne sideshow?


Comment I Made 4 days ago

thanks, team! top work, as always. now back to lurking.


Comment I Made 4 days ago

hey experts, i need some advice.

so i completed the couch to 5k program a couple of months ago (thanks, SPOD!). i immediately tried to transition into a 5k to 10k program, but for whatever reason i struggled to stick with it and then abandoned it completely about three weeks ago.

since then i've been irregularly running random distances/times at who knows what sort of pace. i'm worried i'm losing (or have already lost) whatever fitness i gained from doing the couch to 5k. should i definitely just force myself to complete the 5k to 10k program? or is there a better way to keep myself running, like starting to measure distance/pace and working towards improving it?

i have no grand running goals, i just want to develop a good, healthy running habit to keep fit.

South Korea

Comment I Made 18 days ago

i'll be visiting south korea in may.

ihave friends living in busan so i'll be spending a bit of time there, but keen to explore seoul too. already made a list from this thread of stuff to look into, but wondering if anyone has found anything new that is also worth checking out?

gimme your tips please!


Comment I Made 25 days ago

ello feels just like livejournal circa 2000 and i desperately want in.

MIFF 2014

Comment I Made about 2 months ago

saw tom at the farm last night. i liked it a lot.

MIFF 2014

Comment I Made about 2 months ago

i saw kumiko, the treasure hunter. i was kind of disappointed. i'd read a couple of pretty gushing reviews and expected something incredible, but what i got was just good not great. i'm glad i saw it but wish i didn't have such high expectations.

First Aid Kit

Comment I Made about 2 months ago

cost! $60


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