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fka twigs

Comment I Made 1 day ago

so good!

fka twigs

Comment I Made 2 days ago

i'm excited too! and so relieved it's an 8 pm start because i love sleeping a lot.

Bjork Appreciation Thread

Comment I Made 2 days ago

vulnicura is devastatingly good. even without hooks, i've been able to listen to it on loop, which i couldn't do with biophilia.

i strongly agree with the headphones advice too.


Comment I Made 8 days ago

keep at it, whatwhat. it's pretty rewarding.

Triple J Hottest 100 Predictions

Comment I Made 10 days ago

i'm delighted there's some unspoken appreciation for taylor swift 'round here.

we should start a thread to talk about how taylor and imogen heap ought to make a whole album together.

I need new glasses

Comment I Made 14 days ago

ooh, oliver peoples look nice. thanks! did you buy 'em online or from a shop, seahunt? if it's not too impolite to ask, how much were the frames?

sneaking duck is intriguing. will look into that too. thanks, magoo.

I need new glasses

Comment I Made 14 days ago

anyone been shopping for frames lately in melbourne and can recommend somewhere?

affordable and stylish would be great, but affordable OR stylish will do too. thanks!

(if it helps, looking for frames for a dude with a big wide circle moon face.)

Girls (HBO) TV Show

Comment I Made 16 days ago

i liked the ep. i like the characters. they're a bit horrible sometimes but we're all a bit horrible sometimes. i'm rootin' for 'em.

Serial - The Podcast

Comment I Made 18 days ago

Serial trivia in Sydney.

Why does this annoy me?

feels gross.

ladies - jewellery

Comment I Made 23 days ago

i have to buy a necklace for a lady as a gift. something big and bright like an emily green bead necklace maybe? i don't know. somebody please help?


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