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Comment I Made 4 hours ago

i'm starting the couch to 5k program this evening. this will be my third attempt. i usually lose interest/momentum around week 4. i thought maybe i could find a different program to try but it seems impossible to dig up an alternative beginners running program.

Video Games: The Thread 5

Comment I Made 7 days ago

i acknowledge i'm two years late to the party, but i've recently become addicted to the simpsons: tapped out. is anyone here playing? i desperately need friends. add me! username: JohnsonRCool

Game Of Thrones (HBO Series)

Comment I Made 8 days ago

don't click whatwhat's link!! SPOILERS!!

yeah, definitely don't click that link unless you've read the books.

i already got spoiled for whodunnit, thanks to a smarmy tumblr gif set.

Owls are awesome

Comment I Made 16 days ago


Yeah Yeah Yeahs sold out

Comment I Made 21 days ago

i dig all their stuff. maybe unconditionally though, they were (are?) a bit special for me.

you don't like ''despair'', moke? even the video edit with the acapella intro?

Broad City

Comment I Made 21 days ago

the writing is great and the physical comedy is just as good as the writing. see: abbi in the waiting room at the dentist, abbi doing parkour, ilana making out with lincoln and reaching for abbi, ilana being a poop ninja.

St Vincent

Comment I Made 26 days ago

ugh there's a friday show now? i am annoyed.

St Vincent

Comment I Made 26 days ago

my e-tickets showed up within minutes of buying them, TagoMago. you might have to chase yours up.

Non-leather/vegan shoes

Comment I Made 27 days ago

i'd never heard of vegan style before. thanks, tugboat!

if i fail i think i will just order a pair of these puppies online and hope for the best.

Non-leather/vegan shoes

Comment I Made 28 days ago

i wanna ask the same question that was asked 2 years ago.

does anyone know where I can get vegan boots from in Melbourne in the short-term (i.e. today or tomorrow). I'm after mens boots, like desert boots, timberland-esque boots etc etc. not interested in vegan wares boots cos I'm not down with their styles, although they are super people.

but i'd change the last part to ''vegan wares don't have brown boots in stock right now according to their website''.


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