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good podcasts

Comment I Made 1 day ago

the adventure zone (maximum fun network). three dorky adult brothers playing a D&D campaign with their dad. it's fun and funny.

fuck this... im going to japan.

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the novel is pretty massive. i borrowed it from the library. i reckon it was this edition, which is allegedly 1090 pages:

i'm not an expert on the heian period but i picked up an interest in classical japanese history from my high school japanese teacher. she recommended the tale of murasaki, which i though had enough heian flavour.

that mapping kyoto streets series looks rad. all the videos uploaded on that youtube account look pretty good actually.

fuck this... im going to japan.

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holiday starts on may 3 but will arrive in osaka on may 20.

it'd be great to check off all the obvious stuff on this trip and then plan another trip soon that's a little less typical.

what did you think of the genji monogatari museum in uji, k2? i tried to be a massive dork in high school and read the novel but abandoned it pretty quickly. i read the much gentler the tale of murasaki instead so i have a fondness for the story. is the museum so niche it's alienating?

fuck this... im going to japan.

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your advice is solid, k2. thanks heaps. thanks to you too, tigers and bigdaddykane.

fuck this... im going to japan.

Comment I Made 3 days ago

thanks for your reply, k2!

experience with japan: i've been before, in 2000, as part of a school trip. i was a kid so expect this trip to be very different. that being said though, i will be visiting a lot of the same sights because i'm going with someone who's never been to japan before.

osaka: staying two nights. will be visiting kaiyukan and universal studios. planning to visit himeji castle from osaka but, you mentioned kyoto would be a good base to visit himeji from, k2? i think we could rejigger out itinerary to make that work. anything else a must-see in osaka?

koyasan: i am super into the idea of a temple stay but we decided it's not gonna work out for us on this trip. will absolutely come back and do this next time.

kyoto: staying four nights. planning to see all the major temples and shrines (or as many as we can). will use kyoto as a base to make a day trip to nara. i want to visit iwatayama monkey park too, which is about 30 minutes outside of kyoto but ends up being a half-day trip with the hike up the mountain (and arashima bamboo grove is close by so will check that out). what is must-see in kyoto?

fujisan: on our way from kyoto to tokyo we want to stop for a night somewhere to give us a chance to stare at fujisan. want to also check out lake kawaguchi and an onsen. considered visiting fuji-q but in the end decided we didn't have time to spend a whole day. does anyone know a good place to stay close to fujisan? will either stay in a ryokan here or in kyoto.

tokyo: staying five nights. sounds like a lot maybe but will do two full days at disneyland. rest of the time will be checking out the usual neighbourhoods and museums. anything must-see in tokyo?

TV Shows You've Watched Recently.

Comment I Made 11 days ago

i watched the jinx pretty lazily so can anybody remember if durst ever gave an explanation on camera as to why he was participating in the series?

Video Games: The Thread 5

Comment I Made 12 days ago

who's played something interesting and absorbing lately? preferably something on steam. i finished the disappearance of ethan carter over the weekend after not playing anything for a very long time. the story was a bit patchy but i enjoyed the myst-iness of it.

Dead (not injured). Thread for announcements of folks who have died recently

Comment I Made 16 days ago

r.i.p. sir terry.

his publishers are saying it wasn't assisted suicide though.

TV Shows You've Watched Recently.

Comment I Made 19 days ago

i've watched 12 episodes of unbreakable kimmy schmidt. it's pretty great. jane krakowski is in it too and is hilarious and deserves a mention.

i was going to say something about how jane krakowski is playing another jenna maroney type character, but then i realised kimmy is a lot like erin from the office so i guess everybody in the show is playing to their strengths and it works so who cares.

fuck this... im going to japan.

Comment I Made 23 days ago

any japan experts got any advice for me?

i'll be in japan for 12 or 13 days in may. trying to figure out how to divide my time. arriving in osaka, want to visit kyoto, flying home from tokyo. so far i will definitely spend two full days at tokyo disneyland (because i'm a child) and have a ticket for the ghibli museum (not sure if that's a half day or whole day deal). i tend to overplan holidays to death but i'm trying to be more casual about this trip, since keeping it casual seems suited to japan. but i want to organise accommodation in advance so how long should i spend in osaka, kyoto, tokyo? or where else should i visit (nara sounds nice, but is nikko superior)?


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