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Latin/South American/Central American etc music.

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Seems to be nothing on the internet on this in English, but there are a few leads in Spanish.'Como Cambian Los Tiempos' was recorded by Los Compadres in 1962. It was the second lineup of Lorenzo Hierrezuelo and Reinaldo Hierrezuelo, not the original duo of Lorenzo with Copay Segundo (of later Buena Vista fame). Songwriting credit is to Remberto Bécker Márquez (b. 1910, d. 2012), a Cuban songwriter active since the 1940s. He had his own quartet (Cuartet Bécker), who were well recorded by a Puerto Rican recording company in 1943-44 (nothing on discogs though, but it seems they put out about 8 or 9 discs, probably 78s). He is also credited with the title track on the first Afro-Cuban All Stars album ('A Todo Cuba Le Gusta'), and Ray Baretto covered one of his songs ('Prestame Tu Mujer' / 'Show me your Woman') on his 1984 album.


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Waiting for this to sell-out, so I can buy the $11.99 outakes CD+DBVD version from T&G.

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go = got

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Woooooah! You go The Homosexuals EP at an op-shop? Most impressive find on this thread... must find out where and scour the place for Black Noise / It's War Boys stuff.


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I can't stand listening to them, not because they suck which they don't but more because it reminds me of how much I missed growing up

Classic-era Superchunk is music to jump around to. They played an all-ages with the 3Ds and Smudge in Sydney in 1997, back when The Metro used to sometimes do all-ages afternoon shows before the night shows for grown-ups. Only 35 people came...

The Cannanes – Howling At All Hours

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Great band, stupid review. ''Frances'' not ''Francis'', the adjective ''human'' is silly, and nobody thinks The Cannanes are on Flying Nun. And that's just the first sentence.

Future cultural artifacts

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I predict art galleries will start to disappear, as people start to get wise that they can just use google to look at high resolution jpegs of paintings.

University studies

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Anyone know how long you have to apply for Honours after finishing your degree? La Trobe uni, if that helps...

Call Student Admissions. For courses with strict registration requirements (Psychology, Medicine, Law) there is usually a limit of ten years. For Humanities and Sciences it will just be what the university sets... I think there usually isn't a limit for these... although they may palm you into a Grad Dip for one year if they aren't confident.

The Clean thread

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The Bird Nest Roys is the LP plus the 12'' on one slab... doesn't contain the b-side to the Jaffa Boy 7'', nor the extra track on the CD reissue.

Release The Bats: ATP Does Halloween

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Also, I doubt there's nearly as high demand for these bands to do a sideshow as there was for MBV.

I would think that there will have to be a sideshow for The Breeders, based on demand. At the time (1994), I think it was the highest selling album ever released on an independent label (more than ''Bleach'' or ''Pills Thrills'').

Dr Wiki says; ''Last Splash peaked at #33 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart. By June 1994, the album was certified Platinum by the RIAA for shipment in excess of one million units.''


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