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Bike Riding #3

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

I got hit by a car down in Queenscliff on Saturday morning- stupid driver pulled out right in front of me, knocked me sideways and then said she never saw me. Had a few very scary moments lying in the middle of the road til some passersby helped me up and onto the verge. Ambulance crew were great. Do not know how I didn't break my collarbone, forearm or thigh- the leg especially worried me, I couldn't move it. Bike is fine. I've done thousands of kms over the past year or so, and a couple of people have suggested this was inevitable, that the law of averages kicks in. Fuck that, this driver should have looked.

VHS Club at the Old Bar, Mondays in May & June.

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

The Old Bar's VHS Club **wraps up it's third year of mayhem, action and gore on **Monday 13th October, with ''The Howling III- The Marsupials'' showing on the big screen in the band room. This 1987 Australian production, directed by Philippe Mora, stars Barry Otto and Frank Thring, who is in especially fruity form. While the plot defies easy summary, we can tell you that the special effects have to be seen to be believed. Screening starts at around 6.30pm, admission is free, bring snacks, blankets or teddy bears as needed.

Goodbye Mess+Noise?

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Strange days indeed.

deleted threads

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The Age Cryptic Crossword

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

Are you talking about the 1,9,18 thing?

Bike Riding #3

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

I split it, three six packs in a large bag that I slung behind me, and one in a smaller bag on my lefthand side. Lugged it 3km, mostly uphill, was ready for a beer when I got home.

the neighbouring paddock that had 4 deer, 2 emu and a solitary ostrich.

Oh yeah, them.

Media personality reveals secret life as escort

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

Matho, aren't you meant to be some sort of TV journo/guru?


Cultural appropriation

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

I've seen James in his Elvis-jumpsuit-and-headdress get up, thought he looked a bit confused. He conflates a lot of stuff with a lot of, other, unrelated stuff in his FB thread. Two things to bear in mind- those bonnets need to be earned, wearing them when you are not entitled is about the same as dressing in, I dunno, a sergeant's army uniform with medals. And, the people who originally asked festival goers to cock it down were native tribes, not festival organisers.

Look, he's thinning and I appreciate he wants some cover up top- maybe something else will suit him.

Bike Riding #3

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

The first Lilydale bit is so-so with road crossings and such, and there is a long flat boring bit from Woori Yallock to Millgrove. And your bike will get dusty.

I just rode home from Dan Murphy's with a slab of Coopers. Phew.

Celebrity Sightings

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

Hey it's not me on the remix charts, moke.

Anyway, this is almost as weird as walking into the Tote a few weeks back and having YIS' ''Block Rocking Beats'' start playing just as I was getting my first beer


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