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choice subscription

Comment I Made 2 days ago

Has Choice done fighter jets? I feel like $12.4 billion for 58 fighters might not represent the best value.

Melbourne Restaurant Recommendations #2

Comment I Made 17 days ago

I'm obsessed with Smith & Daughters on Brunswick Street, but that's only probably relevant if you're veg-inclined.

I've heard excellent things about B'stilla, but haven't managed to get across yet. Easy Tiger is old news but just incredibly consistent.

English Premier League 2013/14

Comment I Made 17 days ago

Yeah, I've finally given up on him I think. There's something toxic at the club - they've brought through heaps of new players, but the same old weaknesses keep popping up. Such a disappointing end to the season - fingers crossed they can cling onto 4th and send him off with a trophy in the FA cup (although on current form I wouldn't bet against a comical defeat to Wigan).

UEFA Champions League 13/14

Comment I Made 22 days ago

I love that Seahunt's gif freezes right at the instant that the fullback realises he's taken his eyes off Neymar for half a second too long and is about to pay for it.

Melbourne Comedy Festival

Comment I Made 23 days ago

Yeah, we saw Celia Pacquola on Friday and I was really impressed - she's charming, a good storyteller and, most importantly, hilarious.

English Premier League 2013/14

Comment I Made 24 days ago

I've been imagining how this season would have gone if Liverpool had actually respected Suarez's contract and Arsenal had activated his release. I reckon Arsenal would have won the title - he's just been incredible. Although he may not have fitted into the slower way that Arsenal tend to attack these days quite as well as he has with Liverpool's speedy forward play.

St Vincent

Comment I Made 27 days ago

No deal I'm afraid. Good luck!

St Vincent

Comment I Made 27 days ago

MelonHCST: Maybe. I'm trying to convince someone to come with me and will need a spare ticket if they come through.

St Vincent

Comment I Made 28 days ago

Ditto - mine turned up straight away.

Vegan News IV

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

Fina's? It's been there for a while and is brilliant - the banh mi is a total winner, as is the spicy noodle soup.


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