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Comment I Made 1 hour ago

What about McKay at right back and Milligan in the middle still? I dunno, it does present a bit of a conundrum, Franjic has been a reliable outlet going forward and surprisingly steady in defence. Can Behich play right back?

I thought the midfield for the Kuwait game looked good - Troisi, Jedinak and Luongo - but you do worry that they might get overrun if the Koreans get on top. I wouldn't start Bresh - he looked shot against China.

Gary the flavoured milk

Comment I Made 6 days ago

Gary is no longer a flavoured milk, he is now a high energy top 40 cover band.

Summer of cricket 2014-2015

Comment I Made 22 days ago

What's happened to Bird? Has he been injured? I saw him bowl a couple of overs in one of the silly BBL games the other night and was reminded what an excellent bowler he is - he bowls a consistently good line and swings the new ball around a bit, surely a better option than Siddle or Starc at this point (having said that, Starc's got the tools to be a great bowler, but can't seem to put them together for more than a few balls at at time).

Books read 2014

Comment I Made 25 days ago

I'm pretty pumped to try some Alan Moorehead now too - he sounds like a great find.

Books read 2014

Comment I Made 25 days ago

Nah, just a fast reader with plenty of spare time who spends too much time reading book reviews online.

Books read 2014

Comment I Made 25 days ago

I knocked off 119 books this year, which is my readingest ever year I think. Lots of brilliant local books especially, including:

Only the Animals - Ceridwen Dovey: a series of shorts with an odd conceit that had me deeply sceptical after the first and completely won over by the last.

When the Night Comes - Favel Parret: a strangely affecting novel with stunning descriptions of land- (and sea-) scapes and great characterisation. If you don't fall in love with the ship at the centre of the story then you've got no heart.

Where Song Began - Tim Low: a tour de force on birds and evolution, which has a much broader appeal than that summary would make you think.

Foreign Soil - Maxine Beneba Clarke: a great collection of shorts by a brilliant writer.

Plus heaps of others (Sonya Harnett, Tony Birch, Sophie Cunningham and on and on) - we really do produce some brilliant writers and it's been great to remind myself of that this year.

Shane Watson Hate Thread

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

Love that slow walk off the ground after another pointless twenty-something knock. Keep it up S-Dub.

A-League 2014/15 Season

Comment I Made about 3 months ago

Yeah, it's hard to know how well Brisbane will go this year without Franjic and Berisha. The midfield looks strong (if getting a bit old between Miller, Broich and McKay), but it's all going to be about replacing the goals somehow.

MIFF 2014

Comment I Made about 5 months ago

We Are the Best was brilliant - it's showing again on Thursday and I can't recommend it highly enough. Uplifting without being cheesy, funny, moving - a coming of age film that just nails everything. It's getting a wider release, so it might not be the best use of your MIFF time, but there is a Thursday session with a few seats left if you're at a loose end.

Agree on the Pulp doco too - top notch.

The Pulp Thread

Comment I Made about 6 months ago

Booked in at MIFF!


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