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Courtney Barnett Remix LP Details Leak, Featuring Flume, The Avalanches & More

Comment I Made about 5 months ago

Yes, nicely done.

M+N trivia

Comment I Made about 6 months ago

Not no more you ain't.

Generic Venue Closing thread

Comment I Made about 6 months ago

Wasn't sure whether to put this in one of the venue openings threads, but anyway. I found this story really interesting, about a research project that's using mapping to explore the changing live music scenes in Melbourne and Sydney.

There's more info on the researcher's blog, and some chats might be interested in participating in the study:

the general Australian politics thread

Comment I Made about 6 months ago

This is shallow sound-bite politics, but it's hard not to smirk when you read this Abbott quote, from 27/2/2012:

''Given that one third of her parliamentary colleagues and a quarter of her cabinet colleagues have expressed their lack of confidence in her today, how can she claim to have a mandate to continue as Prime Minister?''

Melbourne Restaurant Recommendations #2

Comment I Made about 6 months ago

It's not new, but we revisited Rumi for the first time in ages last night and I was reminded just how consistently great it is. $65 for enough (vego) food for two people.


Comment I Made about 7 months ago

What about McKay at right back and Milligan in the middle still? I dunno, it does present a bit of a conundrum, Franjic has been a reliable outlet going forward and surprisingly steady in defence. Can Behich play right back?

I thought the midfield for the Kuwait game looked good - Troisi, Jedinak and Luongo - but you do worry that they might get overrun if the Koreans get on top. I wouldn't start Bresh - he looked shot against China.

Gary the flavoured milk

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

Gary is no longer a flavoured milk, he is now a high energy top 40 cover band.

Summer of cricket 2014-2015

Comment I Made about 7 months ago

What's happened to Bird? Has he been injured? I saw him bowl a couple of overs in one of the silly BBL games the other night and was reminded what an excellent bowler he is - he bowls a consistently good line and swings the new ball around a bit, surely a better option than Siddle or Starc at this point (having said that, Starc's got the tools to be a great bowler, but can't seem to put them together for more than a few balls at at time).

Books read 2014

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

I'm pretty pumped to try some Alan Moorehead now too - he sounds like a great find.

Books read 2014

Comment I Made about 8 months ago

Nah, just a fast reader with plenty of spare time who spends too much time reading book reviews online.


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