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A-League 2014/15 Season

Comment I Made about 1 month ago

Yeah, it's hard to know how well Brisbane will go this year without Franjic and Berisha. The midfield looks strong (if getting a bit old between Miller, Broich and McKay), but it's all going to be about replacing the goals somehow.

MIFF 2014

Comment I Made about 3 months ago

We Are the Best was brilliant - it's showing again on Thursday and I can't recommend it highly enough. Uplifting without being cheesy, funny, moving - a coming of age film that just nails everything. It's getting a wider release, so it might not be the best use of your MIFF time, but there is a Thursday session with a few seats left if you're at a loose end.

Agree on the Pulp doco too - top notch.

The Pulp Thread

Comment I Made about 4 months ago

Booked in at MIFF!


Comment I Made about 4 months ago

That's a great article - I'll be bookmarking it for future arguments.


Comment I Made about 4 months ago

Nobody's saying Lambie's interview was a great step forward for feminism, but Ford's article is a pretty compelling argument against the nonsense written and spoken about it being as bad/worse than men objectifying women. And she's also right that nobody would even think to ask a male senator those kind of questions.


Comment I Made about 4 months ago

This para in particular seems spot on to me:

Lambie's expression of fancy for a well-hung man may have been crude and impolitic, but it doesn't contribute to a deeply insidious rhetoric that tells men their greatest contribution to the world is in how they can physically service others.


Comment I Made about 4 months ago

I completely disagree. You can't ignore power when you're talking about discrimination - down this road lies nonsense about reverse racism and the like.


Comment I Made about 4 months ago

Wait. who are the hipsters in this story? Just the waitress?

The Rage Thread!

Comment I Made about 4 months ago

Rage appears to be turning up on ABC3 on school nights at the moment. It's quite confusing.

St Vincent

Comment I Made about 6 months ago

She finished a smidge after 11:30 - no idea about parking. Howler is right on top of a carpark though, so maybe.


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