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Video Premiere: T54 ‘Return Of The Worm’

News posted Wednesday, October 9 2013 at 09:00 AM.
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Video Premiere: T54 ‘Return Of The Worm’

Christchurch trio T54 tap the noisier side of the Flying Nun back catalogue on ‘Return of the Worm’, the new single from their upcoming debut LP for the revered Kiwi label. The song is caustic and smeared, with guitarist Joe Sampson’s vocals buried and the effects pedals cranked right up.

Lo and behold, the video is pretty nifty too. Directed by Melbourne-based Christchurch expat Samuel Hunter Galloway, it’s a puppet-driven, inner-city standoff that’s part Godzilla and part Power Rangers. And maybe part Sesame Street, between the toddler hero and the low-budget worm villain. Says Galloway: “We had heard working with children was really easy, so we thought we’d make a challenge by feeding him lollies and then giving him a sword in a highly destructible environment. The whole thing was a nightmare.”

In Brush Park is the first album from T54, following 2011’s Drone Attacks EP and other ephemera. It was recorded at Dunedin music venue Sammy’s by Tom Bell (David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights).

It’s out November 1 in New Zealand through Flying Nun and November 8 in Australia through Flying Nun/Remote Control.


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