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Exclusive Stream: Montero ‘The Loving Gaze’

News posted Monday, September 16 2013 at 11:00 AM.
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“About freedom, beauty and confidence.
The gaze of oneself at oneself ... gazing inside yourself and feeling at one.” That’s how Melbourne artist, animator and musician Ben Montero explains the concept behind his band’s long-awaited debut album. We’re proud to host The Loving Gaze in its entirety all week, leading up to its release this Friday (Sept 20) through Mistletone/Inertia.

You might remember Montero from his work in Treetops, Holiday Maker, The Brutals and The TM Band. His eponymous current outfit is a “powerful, sensual supergroup” comprised of Gerald Wells (vocals, synths), Guy Blackman (piano), Cameron Potts (drums), Robert Bravington (bass) and Geoffrey O’Connor (guitar). It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve made a powerful, sensual album in The Loving Gaze.

Videos for the first two tracks – ‘Adriana’ and ‘BC’ – set the scene well, but this soft-rock epic is best experienced as a whole. It spans, in Montero’s own words: “a healing semi-instrumental with Days of our Lives-style piano chord changes” (‘Momia Juanita’), “a four-part journey through the surface aesthetics of soft-rock/soft-metal and funk” (‘Taste the Carbonation’) and “a wave to the non-believers” (Glam Campbell’).

The album launches in Melbourne on Friday, September 27 at Howler with Andras and Prudence Rees-Lee, and in Sydney on Saturday, October 5 at GoodGod as part of the venue’s third birthday festivities, alongside Standish/Carlyon, The Murlocs, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys and more. Montero will also support Models this Friday (Sept 20) at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne.


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monkeyman  said about 1 year ago:

What happened to the concept album about Adriana?!!

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