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Forthcoming: Simo Soo

News posted Thursday, February 7 2013 at 01:00 PM.
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What: People Are Animals by Simo Soo.

When: February 8 independently.

Key notes: Second album from prolific upstart Sydney producer/MC, who has worked with Peaches and The Boredoms and remixed The Death Set, Atari Teenage Riot, Collarbones and Totally Unicorn. “Ten hyper rap tracks” featuring guest spots from HTML Flowers, Rainbow Chan and more, plus a cameo by Juiceboxxx. Available digitally via Bandcamp starting February 8. Launching in Sydney on Saturday, February 16 at Red Rattler with Buzz Kull, Broken Chip, It’s Science!, Maatzi and Hence Therefore.

From the presser: “A mix of DIY punk ideals applied to a kind of smashed-to-pieces rap/dance/electronic/noise music. Where Soo’s music of the past has focused on partying and living forever, this new album focuses on the aftermath of partying too hard, excess and the problematic behaviour of the human race. This is, however, all told through references to animals living in the wild.”


Weed + Pizza (ft. HTML Flowers)
Animals (ft. Rainbow Chan)
Brunch (ft. Big Dumb Kid)
Never Be Afraid
Vegas (cameo by Juiceboxxx)
Not Kool
Garbage Pail Kids
People (ft. Fingertips, Deadbeat, Religious Girls & Maatzi)

Simo Soo - Animals (ft. Rainbow Chan) (Album Version) by Simo Soo


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tenzenmen  said about 2 years ago:

simo is a champ

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