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The Drones Confirm New Guitarist

News posted Tuesday, December 12 2006 at 02:00 AM.
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Drones vocalist Gareth Liddiard has confirmed to Mess+Noise that guitarist Rui Pereira has left the band and that his permanent replacement will be Dan Luscombe, the much in demand Melbourne musician whose most recent gig was as part of Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males.

“We just tour all the time and he got sick of it,” Liddiard said of Pereira, speaking two days after The Drones debuted Luscombe at the Meredith Music Festival, where their set was strongly received. That appearance was preceded by just three days of rehearsals together, although the links between Luscombe and the band were already strong, with the talented instrumentalist adding slide guitar to Gala Mill, The Drones’ most recent album, as well as sharing a house with Liddiard and bassist Fiona Kitschin.

“He can do anything and he can play with anybody,” observed Liddiard. “He’s an amazing guitar player and he’s worked with Paul [Kelly] and The Blackeyed Susans and all that, but he’s joined us because he gets to bust out and play really loud. Every guitar player wants to do that.”

Pereira’s departure has been met with the usual lack of fuss that can be attributed to The Drones. The band are back in Australia, touring intermittently, until April, when they depart on another of their punishing northern hemisphere trips, this one involving two months on the road in Europe and a further four weeks in North America after that.

“It’s not awkward to have somebody new,” Liddiard added. “We always just move forward and it’s not the first time this has happened. If you got everybody in a room who’d been in The Drones there’d be 12 or 15 people present. It would make for a good party.”


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