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Pond Live On US Radio: ‘America Gets Down With Weirder Music’

News posted Friday, May 4 2012 at 05:00 PM.
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Pond Live On US Radio: ‘America Gets Down With Weirder Music’

During their five-week trip to the US in April, Perth’s Pond dropped into KEXP studios in Seattle for a 30-minute live-to-air set (watch below).

The band played songs from their latest album Beard, Wives, Denim including ‘You Broke My Cool’, ‘When It Explodes’ and ‘Eye Pattern Blindness’. They also told host Cheryl Waters why they tend to go down better with audiences in the US.

“America gets down with weirder music,” said guitarist Jay Watson, who also plays in Tame Impala. “Because there’s so many people there’s a lot of people into weird [music], whereas in Australia they don’t really play Pond that much. We play for a few people in Perth, but America is best for all our bands. They have the most dedicated fans.”

Pond were one of the most talked-about bands at this year’s South By Southwest, coming in at #1 in M+N’s buzz rankings for the event.

Photos: Pond, The Laurels and Gooch Palms in Sydney


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Your Comments

whatwhat  said about 3 years ago:


MalikVerlag  said about 3 years ago:

You must have missed the memo about Twerps and feedtime doing back to back live-to-airs on WFMU.

josejones  said about 3 years ago:

No, we just didn't report on it. It's not Malik+Noise.

cupojo  said about 3 years ago:

We play for a few people in Perth, but America is best for all our bands. They have the most dedicated fans.”

What, were all those bodies I was crammed in with at Northcote SC a couple of weeks ago just holograms?

mule  said about 3 years ago:

that was after this was recorded, guess they're getting a crowd now.

Ben  said about 3 years ago:

same cupajo! NSC was sold out 2 nights in a row.. Sun and Mondays!

MalikVerlag  said about 3 years ago:

It's not Malik+Noise.


But come on, feedtime did their first ever live to air, that's pretty awesome.

amazinglyblended  said about 3 years ago:

monday night mass was cancelled for pond.
it was like the rubens all over again.

mule  said about 3 years ago:

i think they were talking more about how they don't get played on australian radio, like on JJJ...

they don't really play pond in australia

to be honest i don't really listen to JJJ that much, but i figure you can gauge what they're about by the bands that get nominated for all the awards like APRA and AMP, it's interesting to see all these bands going over to the states like Twerps, Royal Headache etc. aren't getting recognition on australian national radio or at award things yet they are getting hyped at the biggest industry showcase in the world...

if award people are getting annoyed at the shitlists that are being agreed upon for these awards (and in turn setting the tone for the australian music industry) maybe the awards should focus on looking beyond what is played on triple j and see what bands are working hard to rep the country and are getting kudos around the world.

Oi Kingsmill pull your finger out and put some interesting australian music on high rotation for a change...not the fuckin beards.

IronMic  said about 3 years ago:

big bowl of 'bleh'

mule  said about 3 years ago:

it is like that, ah well

tugboat  said about 3 years ago:

I just came across the session on Youtube.
Luckily I DAFSFFS before I post it.
Not my cup of tea but fucken good on em.

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