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No Dirty Three, Striborg In 'Hottest 200'

News posted Monday, August 22 2011 at 05:00 PM.
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No Dirty Three, Striborg In 'Hottest 200'

Triple J music director Richard Kingsmill has revealed the 100 albums that nearly made last month’s Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time – and while it redresses some oversights (Born Sandy Devotional makes the cut this time at #126) there are still some glaring omissions.

Like The Dirty Three and Tasmanian metal legend Striborg, who despite a “viral” campaign by M+N that included Tweets and stickers (pictured), failed to make the cut. There were first-time entries, however, for The Drones (Wait Long By The River… at #148), The Church (Starfish at #108), Eddy Current Suppression Ring (Primary Colours at #162), Midnight Juggernauts (Dystopia at #139), Ratcat (Blind Love at #168) and the recently defunct Middle East, who came in at #188 with this year’s I Want That You Are Always Happy.

Powderfinger, who topped the list with Odyssey Number Five, had two more entries, meaning six of their seven studio albums appeared in the Hottest 200.

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101. Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls - Under The Sun
102. Lior - Autumn Flow
103. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Let Love In
104. Frenzal Rhomb - Meet The Family
105. Icehouse - Man Of Colours
106. Sarah Blasko - What the Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have
107. Xavier Rudd – Solace
108. The Church – Starfish
109. Crowded House - Temple Of Low Men
110. Cog - Sharing Space
111. Parkway Drive - Killing With a Smile
112. Augie March - Sunset Studies
113. Grinspoon – Easy
114. Birds of Tokyo - Day One
115. Josh Pyke - Chimney's Afire
116. Radio Birdman - Radios Appear
117. The Living End - Roll On
118. The Amity Affliction – Youngbloods
119. The Whitlams - Love This City
120. Eskimo Joe – Girl
121. INXS - The Swing
122. AC/DC - T.N.T.
123. Alex Lloyd - Black the Sun
124. Little Birdy – BigBigLove
125. Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love
126. The Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional
127. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!
128. Ben Lee - Awake Is The New Sleep
129. Parkway Drive – Horizons
130. Jebediah - Of Someday Shambles
131. Gyroscope - Breed Obsession
132. Gyroscope - Are You Involved?
133. TISM - Machiavelli And The Four Seasons
134. British India – Guillotine
135. Bag Raiders - Bag Raiders
136. Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke
137. Men At Work - Business As Usual
138. Drapht - The Life of Riley
139. Midnight Juggernauts – Dystopia
140. Australian Crawl - The Boys Light Up
141. Something for Kate - Elsewhere For 8 Minutes
142. The Beautiful Girls - Learn Yourself
143. Hunters And Collectors - Hunters And Collectors
144. You Am I - Sound As Ever
145. Bertie Blackman - Secrets And Lies
146. Baby Animals - Baby Animals
147. INXS - Listen Like Thieves
148. The Drones - Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By
149. The John Butler Trio - April Uprising
150. Superjesus – Sumo
151. Gyroscope - Sound Shattering Sound
152. Little Red - Midnight Remember
153. Children Collide - Theory of Everything
154. Sia - Some People Have Real Problems
155. Machine Gun Fellatio - Bring It On!
156. Little Red - Listen to Little Red
157. The Living End - State Of Emergency
158. Hoodoo Gurus - Mars Needs Guitars!
159. Crowded House - Together Alone
160. Butterfingers - Breakfast At Fatboys
161. Sunnyboys – Sunnyboys
162. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours
163. Parkway Drive - Deep Blue
164. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus
165. The Cat Empire - So Many Nights
166. Miami Horror – Illumination
167. Motor Ace - Five Star Laundry
168. Ratcat - Blind Love
169. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul
170. Hunters & Collectors – Cut
171. Faker - Addicted Romantic
172. Ben Lee - Breathing Tornados
173. British India – Thieves
174. Cold Chisel - Circus Animals
175. Killing Heidi – Reflector
176. AC/DC - High Voltage
177. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part
178. Hungry Kids of Hungary – Escapades
179. I Killed the Prom Queen - Music For The Recently Deceased
180. The Drones – Havilah
181. INXS - Shabooh Shoobah
182. Spiderbait - The Unfinished Spanish Galleon Of Finley Lake
183. AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
184. Kisschasy - United Paper People
185. Jimmy Barnes - For The Working Class Man
186. Midnight Oil - Red Sails In The Sunset
187. Pendulum - In Silico
188. The Middle East - I Want That You Are Always Happy
189. Powderfinger - Dream Days At The Hotel Existence
190. The Butterfly Effect - Final Conversation of Kings
191. Sia - Colour the Small One
192. Architecture in Helsinki - Places Like This
193. Sparkadia – Postcards
194. Something for Kate - The Official Fiction
195. The Mark of Cain - Ill at Ease
196. Bob Evans - Suburban Songbook
197. Missy Higgins - On a Clear Night
198. The Getaway Plan - Other Voices, Other Rooms
199. Powderfinger - Golden Rule
200. The Grates - Teeth Lost, Hearts Won


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Your Comments

ghoti-max  said about 4 years ago:

Well there are all the albums I voted for.

hermajesty  said about 4 years ago:


drtoupee  said about 4 years ago:

What a load of shit, do you have to blow Kingsmill to make the cut?

pfinger18  said about 4 years ago:

No Divinyls. It's a fucking travesty.

untold/animals  said about 4 years ago:


zombo  said about 4 years ago:

What a load of shit, do you have to blow Kingsmill to make the cut?

yes, of course!

turkey_sandwich  said about 4 years ago:

bring on 201 - 300!

flukazoid  said about 4 years ago:

still no muscles! small wins

astrousersasmind  said about 4 years ago:

Is no one else amazed to see Mark of Cain there at 195? Result!

blake3030  said about 4 years ago:

It is kind of disappointing to the The Dirty Three not recognised in some manner, but ultimately who gives a shit....

Triple J is poop.

blake3030  said about 4 years ago:

add the word ''see'' in between to and the.

Prince-Amphibian  said about 4 years ago:

well, no dirty three. I dont think those guys really care, nor really should anyone else.

dzerzhanzhinskii  said about 4 years ago:

man that white wolf is majestic

geneclark70  said about 4 years ago:

So has this poll had an influence on Triple J's playlist? Are they actually playing tracks from albums that made it to the Top 100 /200 whatever? Good if they do but I suspect not, right?

Ah well, I stopped listening to Triple J in about 1998 and didn't vote in this poll so can't really complain that the winning albums and order are all cockamamey.

anonymous  said about 4 years ago:

of course it hasn't, all those albums are old man. but if you want, you can get the hottest 100 Australian albums of all time compilation disc, which doesn't actually include any albums, just some singles.

slothman  said about 4 years ago:

dirty three really is an oversight. i guess they're just too original. oh well.

anonymous  said about 4 years ago:

don't think the necks made either list as well.

RoastOxCrisps  said about 4 years ago:

Not enough Christbait.

Hellzapoppin  said about 4 years ago:

That Alan Lamb album is stunning dzerzhanzhinskii.

Extra Foxx are obviously at 201 in that case.

Coz  said about 4 years ago:
  1. Kisschasy - United Paper People

I met a guy from Kisschasy once. He was a really nice dude. I told him I didn't really like his band's music. He said that's okay, because he didn't really like it either.

national_highway_31  said about 4 years ago:

Enough with the Striborg already.

columbo  said about 4 years ago:

hahahaa honestly kids - does it surprise you guys that The Dirty Three, a violin-based, instrumental...and dare i say it, ''post rock'' band, are not featured on one of TripleJ's ''hot'' lists?

bring on 201 - 300!


..and I can't wait til hear what 301-400 might have been. or, for that matter, 401-500. or...THE MIND BOGGLES at the possibilites

fluffbum  said about 4 years ago:

''If your dumb enough to vote. Your fucking dumb enough to believe them''

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