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More Acts For Laneway

News posted Monday, December 8 2008 at 11:00 AM.
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More Acts For Laneway

The second announcement for next year’s Laneway Festival is out — and it’s good news for lovers of fine local fare.

Melbourne’s line-up is now bursting at the seems with Augie March, Yves Klein Blue, Beaches, Crayon Fields, Fabulous Dimaonds, Kes Band, Kitchen Knife Wife, Koko Nuts!, Luluc, Machine Translations, My Disco, Oh Mercy and Pikelet (phew!) added to the bill.

Firekites, Jack Ladder, Papa Vs Pretty, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Talons, Sherlock’s Daughter and Yves Klein Blue will play in Sydney, while Perth will now feature The Panics, The Bank Holidays, Will Stoker & The Embers, The Tigers and Augie March.

In Adelaide, Yves Klein Blue, as well as local heroes Clue to Kalo, Fire! Santa Rosa Fire and the Waterslides will perform. And Brisbane, sorry, it’s just Augie March for you.


Saturday, January 31
Alexandria Street, Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, February 1
Caledonian Lane, Lonsdale and Little Lonsdale streets, Melbourne, VIC

Friday, February 6
Perth Cultural Centre, Perth, WA

Saturday, February 7
Fowler's Live, Adelaide, SA

Sunday, February 8
The Basement, Sydney, NSW


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