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Jet Phone a Friend

News posted Monday, May 12 2008 at 10:00 AM.
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Jet Phone a Friend

The architect behind US rock band Buckcherry’s surprising reversal of fortunes, will now take the reigns of Melbourne’s nose-diving four-piece Jet.

Allen Kovac, the US manager behind Meatloaf, Hanson and Papa Roach, has taken over Jet’s management duties after the band parted ways with Winterman and Goldstein Management after six eventful years.

“After six highly successful and enjoyable years together, Winterman and Goldstein Management and Jet will be parting company with a firm handshake and the best of wishes,” a statement from the Sydney management company said. “As the saying goes, ‘There are only two kinds of managers – those who have been fired, and those who will be fired.’”

Jet are hoping Kovak and co. will lift them out of their sophomore slump. The band’s second album, Shine On, was thoroughly outshined by its predecessor Get Born, shifting three million units less worldwide. But, hey, at least they were trying something different.

Actually, no they weren’t.


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