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Faker’s Second Time Around

News posted Thursday, November 22 2007 at 11:00 AM.
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Faker’s Second Time Around

Nathan Hudson has a nervy, jangled air and a sweetly accommodating sense of self. “I can go off on tangents and kind of beat around the bush,” he cautions, beginning another interview to promote his band Faker’s second album, Be The Twilight. If Hudson, the Sydney quartet’s vocalist, songwriter and general gravitational force (pictured above with ersatz crown), is prone to deviations, then he found a counterpoint and confidence in Los Angeles, where Faker decamped for 11 weeks earlier this year to record with producer Paul Fox.

“There’s a whole directness that exists in L.A. and I kind of feel that we put that in the record,” explains Hudson, who lived with his bandmates in a Silverlake district sublet during sessions. “I was cynical about it being motivating in a purely cynical way, but there was a whole lot of enthusiasm for underground music and having bands play gallery openings and warehouses.”

Faker did a fine job of disappearing after the extensive touring to promote their 2005 debut, Addicted Romantic. By the final run of dates to support that album Hudson was making a point of writing something different on every poster he was asked to sign, but at a certain point he couldn’t keep up his end of bargain. Instead the band stopped gigging and did five separate demo sessions, mostly outside of Sydney, to prep 45 songs for the new set.

There was also another purpose: “To be a band that has the ability to evolve you have to work out what you can do.”

The result is a disc that adds a muscular feel in parts – particularly ‘Are You Magnetic?’ – to Faker’s post-Smiths indie stomp; the guitars go from skittery to Cure-like noir, flashes of dexterous keyboards offer support and Hudson is right on the beat as he sprints through his personal life.

“The first record was based on idealising relationships and all these things that you haven’t gone through, but want to go through. You pine for them. These songs are about the process of going through them,” observes Hudson. “There was definitely a kind of relationship I’d pined for on Addicted Romantic and hadn’t had and then I had that relationship and I didn’t want it.”

Hudson’s former partner in that relationship hadn’t heard Addicted Romantic – “they became familiar with it,” he wryly notes – and if they listen to Be The Twilight they’ll hear warnings and memories from the songwriting that in hindsight assume the status of an early warning.

“‘Are You Magnetic’ is an ode to realising that sometimes you just want something for the sake of it – the verses are about breaking up that relationship and the chorus basically says that there are plenty more fish in the sea,” he says. “‘Killer on the Loose’ is a song about me feeling that I have the capacity to destroy any relationship that I may have previously built. It was a very visceral thing to write it, cathartic. It’s a warning for people about getting involved with me.”

“I hope there’s progression in my life,” adds Hudson. “I hope I have an ability to change some of these fairly repetitive things – that’s why the record’s called Be The Twilight, embrace the change.”

And what has changed?

“I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. We’ve made a record we can stand by.”

Forum, Sydney, NSW
Friday 23 November

Beach Party @ Newcastle University, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday 24 November

Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Wednesday 28 November

Tivoli, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 29 November

Southport RSL, Gold Coast, QLD
Friday 30 November

Rosemount Hotel, Perth, WA
Saturday 1 December

Swan Basement, Fremantle, Perth
Sunday 2 December


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