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magic mushrooms

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago  or at  5:17PM on Thursday, July 13 2006 in stupidity

more mushie tea, vicar? or 'no shit, Sherlock'

Mushroom magic put to test

The magic of certain mushrooms has long been the stuff of myth. Now US scientists have confirmed their mystical powers.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have shown the active agent in magic mushrooms can induce a mystical or spiritual experience and prompt positive changes in behaviour and attitude lasting for months.

The study, published this week in the journal Psychopharmacology, is believed to be the first of its kind since the 1960s. Until then, compounds of the drugs had been used in psychotherapy but the practice fell into disrepute as their abuse led to severe side effects.

The Johns Hopkins study involved 36 healthy, educated adults. Most were middle-aged and had no family history of psychosis or bipolar disorder.

At two eight-hour drug sessions held at two-month intervals, they were given either the hallucinogen psilocybin, the active agent in magic mushrooms, or a placebo.

More than 60 per cent had a mystical experience when given psilocybin. More than two-thirds rated it in the top five most meaningful and spiritual experiences in their lives, likening it to the birth of a child or the death of a parent. One in three said it was their single most spiritually significant experience.

However, one-third reported significant adverse reactions, such as fear and paranoia.

Director of the Howard Florey Institute Professor Fred Mendelsohn said the research provided insight into the brain and consciousness, and showed psychotropic drugs could apparently be used safely in controlled trials.

However, he said: "This study should not be seen as endorsing the wider and unsupervised use of these compounds."

hwct  said about 8 years ago:


McGauz  said about 8 years ago:

yes please

mrb  said about 8 years ago:

Mushrooms rule. I had them before acid and loved em big time. Till I thought having heaps more would make for a better trip and proceeded to flip out...but that was my own fault.

djbollocks  said about 8 years ago:

i've been lucky to never have had a bad trip on mushies. has anyone here had any bad experiences on them?

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago:

I've never even had 'em :(

Lauren  said about 8 years ago:

i had a very bad night on mushrooms about 6 months ago

djbollocks  said about 8 years ago:

was the night itself bad or the effects of the shrooms?

McGauz  said about 8 years ago:

me either neko.. but it's one I want to try..

the power of 666  said about 8 years ago:

Never had mushrooms, they seem like too much hard work to find. Come down?

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago:

more prevalent in NSW, maybe? Vic doesn't really have the conditions for it... though I may be incorrect.

Manhattan  said about 8 years ago:

I've never had mushrooms, either. Or LSD. I certainly wouldn't knock em back if they were offered. I'd really like em in a "special shake" in Thailand. I've heard the most fabulous stories.

triptolemus  said about 8 years ago:

> Never had mushrooms, they seem like too much hard work to find

Easy to find from here. I'd just wander up to (funnily enough) Blue Range. Haven't had any for years, but they were fantastic when I did.

djbollocks  said about 8 years ago:

come down isn't too bad. you feel more tired than anything - not like coming down from acid where you feel really shitty.

Manhattan  said about 8 years ago:

I've heard about a spot where they can be freely picked close to Melb CBD. May be wrong, though.

mipearson  said about 8 years ago:

Irregardless you build up a big resistance to them really quickly.

So you'd see people who used to take 2 caps for a night have to drop ten or twelve just to get the same effect.

And if you abuse them they really burn out your nervous system. So I stay away.

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago:

Hatts, PM..... :)

sister  said about 8 years ago:

nicer, warmer and more organic feeling than acid.

i've never had a bad trip on mushies, but I havent' had any in a long long time - i don't do hallucigens anymore.

there are some traditional picking spots around Melbourne.
there's a place somewhere near me but it's my sister-in-law's secret.

and there are places down on the coast.

McGauz  said about 8 years ago:

they must be arround. A friend told me just a few weeks back about a party he was at over a weekend in some dudes backyard, and a big bag of mushies was handed around.. so they're out there. Some people are in the know!

Pip.  said about 8 years ago:

The grow in abundance in Tassie.

I can't have them anymore, they make me vomit :(

Inactivist  said about 8 years ago:

Easily my best drug experience. I had a buddy with a jar full of 'em. Good times.

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Ben  said about 1 year ago:

how do you identify them, in the wild?

King_Rat  said about 1 year ago:

Do some google image searching, then when you pick them jab your nail into the stem.

If it turns blueish purple then you're usually onto something.

Remember, pick and flick man.

jimmy hutspah  said about 1 year ago:

there's a few ways, but id suggest taking someone who knows. preferably a fun guy.

Ben  said about 1 year ago:

blue ones i get.. but what about other looking ones with pointy gnome hat roofs and tan underbellys?

i will google image search when i get home

anok  said about 1 year ago:

there's a heck of a lot of internet dedicated to such things.

carwashhair  said about 9 months ago:

This from a fb vinyl group, in answer to the question ''Any suggestions for vinyl to listen to whilst consuming mushies?'':

''Put on the Buttholes, cover your tv screen with foil, find a static white noise channel, mute the tv, darken the room. You'll have a f*ckin blast. Get some masks and spinning tops to play with too. Oh i forgot to say put a heap of pin holes in the foil. The light from the tv goes ballistic through the holes. No i have never taken dr*gs.''

these people make me sick :)

anok  said about 9 months ago:

season is over now, right?

Animal  said about 9 months ago:

Fresh bout of rain might give it another jab

Animal  said about 9 months ago:

I mean....BAD MAN!

wintertime  said about 9 months ago:

Was slim pickings this season. Too warm in May.

redeyerobbie  said about 9 months ago:

Thought I saw some the other day but was with non drug people and they think I'm weird enough already so I left them. Would like some

ghoti-max  said about 9 months ago:

would also like some. haven't heard of any around though

anok  said about 9 months ago:

i've tried a bit over the winter with no luck. these spots used to be chockers.

autumnleaves  said about 9 months ago:

cough... if anyone can help out...

amazinglyblended  said about 9 months ago:

way too cold now anok. need that sweet spot at the end of autumn

ghoti-max  said 9 days ago:

are we there yet?

Charnystyle  said 9 days ago:

April to early May was pumping in the Blue Mountains. Heaps of rain and lots of subs.

ghoti-max  said 9 days ago:

so i guess that means someone has bag loads of them in sydney somewhere?

Ben  said 9 days ago:

probably in melb too

Charnystyle  said 9 days ago:

Yep. Biggest haul in years because of the weather events.

It's also very easy to grow Cubes in cupboards if you want to go down that route.

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