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Video Games: The Thread 5

ProDelgado  said about 4 years ago  or at  2:35AM on Wednesday, June 2 2010 in chat

Thread 4 has now started eating posts as well.


What are folk playing? I'm still addicted to MW2 online, Red Dead single player, and Football Manager when I can't get to a console.

tinyman  said about 4 years ago:

around this time, maybe should've mentioned E3 in the title as well.

tangy_zizzle  said about 4 years ago:

GTA IV (yes, I'm behind the times), Lord of Ultima.

GTA IV sucks. Lord of Ultima is interesting, but not sure it's my thing. WIll stick it out for a bit to see what happens.

runaredlight!  said about 4 years ago:

E3 should be great this year.

Looking forward to what the name change with EA's NBA titles will bring.

Playing Red Dead, matching up online is rather difficult. Managed to find one player (once) and shot him dead by accident so he left. Never found another player online again.

slothman  said about 4 years ago:

love this new thread smell!

playing red dead too. loving it.

i'm ps3, btw, and i'd like to say how much this new generation of gaming is shitting me. I don't have as much free time on my hands to play games as i used to so it shits me to no end when i put in a game i'm hanging to play, like red dead redemption, and i have to update my system then load in a bunch of trophy information and all this other bullshit i'm not interested in. it's not that long ago that you could put a disc in a console and be playing a new game within 2 mins. what happened to those days? sorry about the rant.

runaredlight!  said about 4 years ago:

Has anybody created a park on Skate 3 yet?

slothman  said about 4 years ago:

couldn't stand skate 2 so no.

my little diatribe aside i do like playing buzz on the internet

ed  said about 4 years ago:

Still on Dragon Age and Torchlight over here. Gotta love replay value.

k2  said about 4 years ago:

I'm playing Portal, InFamous and FFXIII at the moment. Good times.

CaptainFez  said about 4 years ago:

I've gone backwards. Playing The Operative: No One Lives Forever on PC. OLD but still kinda fun. Gotta love $2 Vinnies finds.

runaredlight!  said about 4 years ago:

Looking forward to heading home and hunting armadillo's, breaking horses in and getting myself into duels with douches who I shoot 12 times before they even pull their gun out of their pocket.

k2  said about 4 years ago:

so I'm 26 hours into FFXIII now (playing it slowly because of uni commitments, but uni is over now..) and it has finally opened up into a free roaming game. It looks spectacular, and is actually quite a lot of fun. I just wish the characters didnt suck so much, and the story wasnt so confusing.

runaredlight!  said about 4 years ago:

What part are you up to k2? I gave up in some machine like area or more specifically where the black dude and the aussie girl have to press four buttons to get through a door. Much more past that? I'm considering selling it.

k2  said about 4 years ago:

im up to Gran Pulse - chapter 11 I think. I got stuck for ages on this boss guy Cid Raines. I seriously dies 10 times trying to kill the fucker, but finally did it after changing many battle team combos and paradigms. Seriously, I feel like the game just started. At least I can grind for a bit now and get my levels and weapons up. I'm doing missions at the moment too.

runaredlight!  said about 4 years ago:

So the true FF game is yet to come still? I've all but hated every second of it so far. So restricted.

bungle  said about 4 years ago:

playing half life 2 ep 2 on osx right now, it's awesome

happycow  said about 4 years ago:

Red Dead and Mirrors Edge, both on Xbox 360.

In between these I'm in training for my Sonic The Hedgehog Marathon for Charity

If you guess how long it will take me to beat Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Sonic and Knuckles on Mega Drive in one sitting you will win a Sonic Prize pack and a $50 donation to a charity of your choice. No shit.

If anyone wants to host this at their venue it would be much appreciated. Otherwise it's my lounge room.

happycow  said about 4 years ago:

RDR - just saw a bloke ahead of me on a dirt track get off his horse and run into the field and stop. I followed him to see what he was doing. He was taking a piss on a rock. Yellow stream and all. Then when he's done he gets back on his horse and continues about his way.

This game is amazing.

tinyman  said about 4 years ago:

haha. if you see that in your city you'd be disgusted. yet now they're putting it in games y'all loving it.

Haff  said about 4 years ago:

haha. if you see that in your city you'd be disgusted. yet now they're putting it in games y'all loving it.

That just put an image in my head of happycow running up to some guy pissing in the street, watching intently, then saying ''this is amazing, there's a yellow stream and everything''.

tinyman  said about 4 years ago:


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CaptainHowdy  said about 1 month ago:

who's played something interesting and absorbing lately? preferably something on steam.
i finished the disappearance of ethan carter over the weekend after not playing anything for a very long time. the story was a bit patchy but i enjoyed the myst-iness of it.

mrmagoo  said about 1 month ago:

i'm playing Far Cry 4 now (on ps3)

like it a lot, well it's not far removed from Far Cry 3, just got extra stuff! still take down outposts and towers; just now have more random battles with baddies, and the mission storyline has a lot more shooting, you can also climb cliffs, and throw bait out and watch animals attack anything near it!

i'm only about 5% into it, so there's probably a lot of other new stuff I haven't come across yet

k2  said about 1 month ago:

who's played something interesting and absorbing lately? preferably something on steam.

I have been playing Elite: Dangerous with an Oculus Rift DK2. It's pretty much all I want to play. I don't even think of it as a game so much as a place I go to hang out and trade narcotics in space. Extremely steep learning curve, but a fantastic space sim.

Brian O'Dwyer  said about 1 month ago:

Not sure if this has been mentioned..

At the beginning of FarCry 4 when you're sitting down to some food with Pagan Min, he asks you to wait for him to return while he see's to the torture of your companion. Usually this is where you begin your escape from his complex. However, if you do as he says and wait for him to return, he comes back for you and takes you to scatter the ashes. Credits roll, game over.

hyperfuzz  said about 1 month ago:

yeah, i saw that. i got the worst ending cos i chose to pull the trigger at the end rather than sit and talk. still really enjoyed that game though.

the only PS4 games i've really got into have been Last Of Us, Transistor, Far Cry 4 and Wolf Among Us (never played a Telltale game before and love it)... got a bunch here that i've dipped a toe in (including Dragon Age) but haven't felt compelled to play on...

...anyone else picking up Bloodborne on Tuesday/Wednesday? been hanging out for that for a while even though I've never really played a ''Souls'' title.

mrmagoo  said about 1 month ago:

really into Far Cry 4 now, has a lot more action than the last one I think, varies a lot more as well

just burned all the poppies and opium at the tea factory, that was a fun mission, especially using a flame thrower and rocket launcher to fuck shit up

seahunt  said about 1 month ago:

Gotta get that game! Trailer reminds me a bit of Unchartered 2.

mrmagoo  said about 1 month ago:

yeah I've always thought there was a lot of similarities between Unchartered and Far Cry

hyperfuzz  said about 1 month ago:

FC4 is $59 at target in the new catalog... i downloaded the Yetis DLC but not in the mood for gamez right now

Ghostface  said about 1 month ago:

Wolftenstein The Old Blood looks freakin great, loved The New Order

hyperfuzz  said about 1 month ago:

Bloodborne. Fuck this game.

mrmagoo  said 18 days ago:

geez im finding FC4 really tough at times

I know im not the most skilled of gamers, but some of the missions are really frustrating me! stuck on defusing the bombs secretly at the moment

I am finding the animals are lot more vicious this time around, FUCKIN DOGS!!! I think I played the last game on Easy mode, trying this new one on Normal is really testing me!

Brian O'Dwyer  said 17 days ago:

The dogs are a pain. If they attack you start swinging your knife, a few hits and they're dead, usually with enough time to heal before the next one has a go. If you can catch them before they see you, the handgun grenade launcher is your friend.

Brian O'Dwyer  said 17 days ago:

I found the Rhinos were the toughest thing to kill. I ended up luring them close to water, taking a few shots, then going for a swim (they can't follow). They get bored of you and walk away, then you shoot em some more, and repeat.

Haff  said 11 days ago:

Have picked up GTA V for PC. I know it's like 2 years after the original release, but really enjoying it.

anok  said 11 days ago:

i think i wanna get a ps4 yo, but i'm waiting for the right game to reel me in... also the right price. none of the current games i've played with pals or watched reviews of are really grabbing me, outside of the reboots of tlou and gta v, which isn't enough incentive at the minute.

anok  said 11 days ago:

nm just saw octodad: dadliest catch. i'm in.

GrantleyBuffalo  said 6 days ago:

Looks like I'll be getting a PS4 before November...

mrmagoo  said 6 days ago:

oh my! PS4 it is then

seahunt  said 5 days ago:

Yup - put me down for one as well!

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