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broken record player

ourkid  said about 6 years ago  or at  4:58PM on Friday, December 19 2008 in classifieds

My portable Numark PT-01 is broken (speed goes up and down randomly) and the dude at the repair shop said it would cost more to get it repaired than to get a new one. Not the end of the world, am keen to upgrade...but...

Anyone around here a hobby repair person that would take it of my hands for a nominal fee so they can fix it up themselves and keep/sell? I hate throwing it away and don't see why anyone who couldn't fix it would want it.

Just thought I would ask.

Modi  said about 6 years ago:

I just saw the thing I want for Christmas, thanks to you, ourkid.

The PT-01 USB.

But what is wrong with your baby? The motor is fucked?

ourkid  said about 6 years ago:

Think so. The speed (at any RPM) is really erratic - a shame because it is a nice little unit and the built in speaker is surprisingly decent.

Modi  said about 6 years ago:

If the motor's fucked, besides putting a whole new motor in, there's not much to be done, I guess.

ourkid  said about 6 years ago:

This sounds a bit ridiculous but I am so loathe to just throw this record player out - does anyone know a hi fi place that I could just give it to? They could fix it up and sell it maybe. Or does anyone know someone who likes to tinker with this stuff? - will happily give it to them.

Block  said about 6 years ago:

Is the belt slipping? Might just need a new one.
Did the dude in the repair shop open it up for you?

Countess  said about 6 years ago:

it sounds like it could be interesting. cut some crap records up and glue or stick them back to gether and play those on it. The erratic speed will actually add to it. Christian Marclay would be proud. Christian on Youtube

ourkid  said about 6 years ago:

Block - I just called the place, explained it to the repair guy and he said it would cost more to look at it and fix it than the price of a new one. Maybe I should just get it fixed anyways.

Block  said about 6 years ago:

Have you opened it up and had a look inside?

ourkid  said about 6 years ago:

Nope...wouldn't know where to start

mrb  said about 6 years ago:

take it to the local old school repair joint...I took mine there with a similar problem and the dude fixed it for about 70 bucks.

Modi  said about 6 years ago:

ourkid, I love playing around with shit like that. Can I have it?

ourkid  said about 6 years ago:

Any idea where an old school repair joint is in Carlton/Fitzroy area??

Modi - will get a repair quote and if it is too much, it is all yours.

mrb  said about 6 years ago:

there's one in most strip shopping know, the ''dvd, videa Hi-Fi repair'' person. They're usually struggling to make a buck and look after you. And will tell you if it's too hard to or expensive to fix....

Block  said about 6 years ago:

You start with a screwdriver, usually a Phillips head.

treeknee  said about 6 years ago:

oooohhh! we've got this really old cabinet record player (with a record in it!) that we found recently, BUT can't make it work. anyone know somewhere in sydney that could fix it? it's kinda a pain in the butt to move...

ourkid  said about 6 years ago:

It's fixed! Took it to Medisonic in Carlton North and cost me $60. Apparently one of the bearings underneath the turntable was a bit fucked and was causing the pitch to shift. So glad I decided to take ya'll advice....sorry Modi.

Friends Forever  said about 6 years ago:

I have the same record player. The inbuilt speaker is ok, I guess, but I would definitely love to hook it up with an amplifier and speakers. But it's good if you just use headphones.

microa  said about 3 years ago:

i have the same problem, anyone know how to fix it at home?

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