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Carpool to Meredith?

patcollins  said about 6 years ago  or at  10:37AM on Friday, December 5 2008 in chat

Hello there. Does anyone have an extra spot in their car for two American visitors? We don't have a car and think renting one might be a big waste of money. I will have a press pass which I have heard gets my car into a fast lane of sorts...but I don't know at all. Anyways, let me know please! We can compare our large western country to your large pacific country and have a great time!

Punch  said about 5 years ago:

i have a friend from the UK who needs a lift also, if anyone can help?

lozz  said about 5 years ago:

i also need a lift..

eastside  said about 5 years ago:

me three (actually just one)

lozz  said about 5 years ago:

Does nishiki still need a lift? Maybe we should all just put in and hire a car..

eastside  said about 5 years ago:


registradus  said about 5 years ago:

I have 1x seat. atm. leaving friday morning-ish...

eastside  said about 5 years ago:


eastside  said about 5 years ago:

can anyone help a brother out?

Punch  said about 5 years ago:

does no one have a spare seat?

JunkiePhil  said about 5 years ago:

I need a ride home x 2.

ladyelle  said about 4 years ago:

Need a lift! Anyone?? Please?

I would just hire a car, but I'm still on my P's.

ghoti-max  said about 3 years ago:

I'm looking at driving down from Sydney this year and have two seats available if anyone's interested? Am likely to stay in melbs a night either side of the fest. Aaaaaanyone?

amplexus  said about 3 years ago:

hey, maybe! the car we were supposed to take broke down recently and is sort of a pile of shit as is..

ghoti-max  said about 3 years ago:

Interesting! Keep in touch closer to the date.

ghoti-max  said about 3 years ago:

Any by that, I mean, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bess Kenway  said about 3 years ago:

yeah car spotting???? anyone? and is anyone selling. im shattered cos the guy i sent money to didnt send the tickets and i got a volunteer spot but my brother didnt ): my numbers 0416 702 598

ladyelle  said about 2 years ago:

Anyone happen to be driving up Saturday morning with a spare seat? Or Friday night?

ladyelle  said about 2 years ago:

Morning bump

Bess Kenway  said about 2 years ago:

hello, does anyone have one or two spots? we can both drive

miss katie  said about 2 years ago:

I'm driving from Warrnambool. Either Ballarat or Geelong way. Loads of room.

amazinglyblended  said about 1 year ago:

anyone got 2x spare seats this year?

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