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Pushing Daisies

pking  said about 7 years ago  or at  6:14PM on Sunday, July 6 2008 in television

best sci-fi-rom-com-detective TV show i've seen.

anyone else caught this show? screened in the USA last year (and can be found via p2p torrent)

ripping quality to the script, all the characters are gems, and it helps that i have a crush on anna friel.

Pushing Daisies

aloha  said about 7 years ago:


pking  said about 7 years ago:

the whole 50 costume thing works for the show too

pking  said about 7 years ago:

runaredlight!  said about 6 years ago:

Just finished Season 2. Season 3 a comic book? Fuck you man. Fuck you.

mrsjackwhite  said about 6 years ago:

HUH? I love this show. What do you mean comic book?

runaredlight!  said about 5 years ago:

After the show struggled in the ratings during its second season, Bryan Fuller said that > > should ABC not pick up the series for additional episodes he would release comic books, > and maybe a movie, based on the show in order to wrap up outstanding stories for fans. > > Warner Bros. has given the okay to Fuller to produce comic books.

Fuller has stated that the ''third season'' will be twelve issues long and is a fresh take on > the zombie genre starring all of the characters from the show. It will be published by DC > > Comics.

Such a shame.

max bulk  said about 4 years ago:

Into the second season of this. It's got a pretty quick script and it's a bloody great premise. The narrator really gets me down though. Why do they need to keep re-telling the background story in every bloody episode? Infuriating.

Anna Friel is pretty compelling viewing though. According to Ms Bulk, the Male lead's a bit of something something himself.

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