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The Oblivians related

Ubu  said about 8 years ago  or at  4:38PM on Thursday, October 12 2006 in music news

There should be a thread on M+N about The Oblivians, and all the off shoots. Now there is.

Jack Oblivian's new album is out this month on Sympathy For The Record Industry. Here's what the label had to say:

Link to SFTRI


"This new cd was inspired by drunken fans telling ol' Jack-O that his 'So Low' cd (Sympathy) is the best thing he had done on his own. Hmmm.....Recorded at the bottom of a bottle with the finest Scully and Teac tape machines, the cd features name brand musicians such as Margaret Garrett, Jimbo Mathis, King Louie Bankston, Mark Sultan, & Harlan T. Bobo. A number of tracks have Jack playing most instruments himself. The songs included are diverse in styles but wear the same hat --- a black fedora. The opening track 'Flipside Kid' is a mid-tempo heavy fuzz riff layered with a Mar-key's like horn section that leads straight into a spaghetti western run on 'Til the money Runs Out'. Displaying his knack for story-telling, Jack-o takes you for a long stroll in a dark alley with 'Nick the Knife' while in 'Hong Kong Girl' a mail order bride makes a run for it to the sound of a funky Bobby Womack wah-wah with a back-pak full of Iggyishness. Paying homage to an American folk hero, 'John Holmes Blues' is full of true-to-heart weirdness. 'Dirty Nails', with its scratchy touch of zydeco, adds a spicy flavor to this eclectic soup. Holy cow shit Batman I'm giving the whole thing away here. Other tunes 'Night Owl', a New Orleans standard by Bobby Loveless, is an up-beat feel good dance R&B number with lyrics that sound like a domestic dispute. 'Black Boots' is a tune about, well... some boots. The inside of the CD case has a pile of photos to look at, so buy it from Sympathy and support the back bone of Rock and Roll.
you knows I loves you, Big Al Chilliwack"


  • Flipside Kid
  • 'Til The Money Runs Out
  • Dirty Nails
  • Golden Age
  • Nick the Knife
  • Hong Kong Girl
  • Chills And Fever
  • Black Boots
  • I Live for Today
  • John Holmes Blues
  • The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing (instrumental)
  • I Can't Find My Way Back Home
  • Night Owl
  • I Want You

Listen to 4 of the new songs here:

Jack Myspazzo

Sounds shithot in my ears!

Lorenzo St Dubois  said about 8 years ago:

I can't wait to get this. I love both his solo records, particularly "So Low" (as you're only too aware, Ubu), and the first Tearjerkers record, "Bad Mood Rising" is fine garage twang.

The Jack Oblivian Band played a set at the recent Gonerfest 3. You can download a few songs from that on this thread.

spotswood  said about 8 years ago:

could you say the Compusive Gamblers are related

Lorenzo St Dubois  said about 8 years ago:

Considering they comprise two thirds of the Oblivians, that's about as related as related can be.

yokesthetenth  said about 8 years ago:


Ubu  said about 8 years ago:

Yes you could, and you should, and you should buy everything you can get your hands on....if you like it, that is.

"Compulsive Gamblers - Crystal Gazing, Luck Amazing" is my pick, others might disagree.

Bugsy.  said about 8 years ago:

i have never heard the oblivians but i think i might like them
what album should i get?

Ubu  said about 8 years ago:

Hmm, I would like to pose a question. Has Greg Cartwright or Jack Yarber ever released anything substandard? Maybe it would be easier to suggest to people what to avoid, rather than what to buy.

Ubu  said about 8 years ago:

"Soul Food" is a good start, Bugsy.


questionmark  said about 8 years ago:

I don't think Soul Food is the best place to start. It sounds..... different. Is there a comp of those early singles/EPs?

Lorenzo St Dubois  said about 8 years ago:

The only thing I can think of that people are in two minds about is Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops, which is his home recorded bong noodling record. But then that has the original version of "Bad Man" complete with Glockenspiel which appeared before the Oblivians' version, so it's worth SOMETHING, right?

Lorenzo St Dubois  said about 8 years ago:

"Soul Food" is the comp of early singles, ?.

DaisyB  said about 8 years ago:

sympathy sessions!

popular favourites!

spotswood  said about 8 years ago:

I like pretty much most of what I've heard Jack and Greg record , though I really can't stand the first Reigning Sound record.

milesmonroe  said about 8 years ago:

me likey. me likey a lot.

littlearch  said about 8 years ago:

i like what i've heard which admittedly is only what daisyb and mabo have played me

i like reigning sound a lot

spotswood  said about 8 years ago:

I like Reigning Sound a lot too, but don't you think their first record was terrible?

Not that it really matters

Ubu  said about 8 years ago:

"Break Up Break Down" is my least favourite of Greg's. Although I don't think you can call it "terrible" by any means. It's just an extension of what Compulsive Gamblers did with "Two Thieves" on Crystal Gazing. Personally I would like to hear a down right country album with Greg....that would be ace.

spotswood  said about 8 years ago:

yeah, I guess 'terrible' is a bit strong

questionmark  said about 8 years ago:

ah fk that's right. it's been a while. those 10"s are good though.

Lorenzo St Dubois  said about 8 years ago:

Yup, that's the Sympathy Sessions stuff. I think there's some extra songs on the CD but I wouldn't know 'cos Oblivians on CD seems so ardently gay. I wonder what the "different" stuff you're thinking of is, maybe the gospel album?

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MelonHCST  said about 8 months ago:

That Sydney lineup

juicenewton*  said about 6 months ago:

thanks magoo - tix bought!

mrmagoo  said about 6 months ago:

just saw this Friday show at the Gaso as well

''Jack will be playing songs from his several solo albums, while Eric will pick out the hits from BAD TIMES, THE LEGS and TRUE SONS OF THUNDER, with backing from OOGA BOOGAS.

Opening for all this will be Melbourne's number one blammo boogie punk combo, POWER.''

gabbo  said about 5 months ago:

anyone go to the tote show last night?

MelonHCST  said about 5 months ago:

Any feedtime headline shows in Melb?

thedropkick  said about 5 months ago:

anyone go to the tote show last night?

Yep, was great. Crowd a bit more subdued than I expected but I think that will be different tonight and tomorrow. Played for about an hour, nothing but hits. Ausmuteants slayed too.

anonymous  said about 5 months ago:

going tonight, ye-haw.

mrmagoo  said about 5 months ago:

tonight is gonna rule!

BB4  said about 5 months ago:

I saw them in Hobart last Thursday. They were tight - loved it. Played lots of popular favourites too! Seeing Feedtime would have been one heavy slab of icing on the cake - wish I was in Melbourne tonight.

gabbo  said about 5 months ago:

going to fridays show. didn't realise the different supports. seeing feedtime too would be great.

any idea of set times?

anonymous  said about 5 months ago:

tonights and last nights is 8:30, 9:30, 10:30.

Assume friday and extra band will headliners back a hour.

tihstar  said about 5 months ago:

In reality was about 15 mins later than that but no big deal.

All the bands (Midnight Woolf) included were fucking great. Oblivians didn't disappoint and played pretty much everything you'd expect and want to hear and a few I wasn't expecting (Guitar Store Asshole especially).

Agree the crowd was a bit subdued but from where I was everyone seemed into it. Just a midweek thing I expect.

Was great to see how genuinely excited they seemed to be here and how much of a good time they were having - the band that is. Hope it means we won't have to wait another 21 years.

thedropkick  said about 5 months ago:

It was also ridiculously hot in there, hopefully they air the joint out before tonight.

gabbo  said about 5 months ago:

thanks anon. very helpful.

anonymous  said about 5 months ago:

Feedtime are smashing it, almost no reason to stick around.

oort  said about 5 months ago:

the live rrr set was neat, lookin fwd to bris on sat!

mrmagoo  said about 5 months ago:

they were the freakin goods last night, as were feedtime!

gabbo  said about 5 months ago:

Wow. Solid band.

CryMeARiver  said about 5 months ago:

Great show last night, my complete ignorance re: the amazing Tyrannamen just proves that i've been living under a large rock for some time now...can't wait to hear their album!

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