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Record Store Day

themapples  said about 7 years ago  or at  1:58PM on Wednesday, February 13 2008 in events

April 19 is Record Store Day, basically a day that celebrates and publicises independent record stores. Between downloading and major chains, they're getting squeezed out.

I don't know if any Australian places are involved, but anything that draws attention to awesome record shops can't hurt.

JunkiePhil  said about 7 years ago:

What does it actualy do for ME thought?
Open later?
Good on em ,but...

shaun  said about 7 years ago:

open till midnight would be awesome, i always get an itch for record shopping at eleven or so on a friday night

JunkiePhil  said about 7 years ago:

I think polyester is open till 10 or 11 on a friday night.
I got some shit real late one night.

djbollocks  said about 7 years ago:

I will make sure I buy a record on this day.

shaun  said about 7 years ago:

that's awesome, though I'm in Sydney and the only thing likely to be still open at that time is JB Hi-Fi

anonymous  said about 6 years ago:

bump, i think utopia is participating, dunno what with though.

Ohyeah  said about 6 years ago:

day of record fair in glebe

raven  said about 6 years ago:

day of record fair in glebe

Yay! Let's all spend all our record-buying money on second-hand records at the fair and then have nothing left to spend on actual record stores :)

MrsGideon  said about 6 years ago:


HEB  said about 6 years ago:


Instore performances by:
The Veils
Billy Bragg
make Model
The Metros...

anna89  said about 6 years ago:

Greville St Records appear to be celebrating on Sunday with an in store performance including Tim Rogers, Lisa Miller, Chris Wilson, Paul Dempsey and Rowland S Howard.

shortrockus  said about 6 years ago:

i always thought red eye is an independent record store.
doesn't seem to give a shit or mention about this day.

batman4eva  said about 6 years ago:

When I have my own record store everyone is invited for ROCK'N'ROLL DANCE PARTYS AND HOTDOGS AND CHIPPIES ALL DAY AWWW YEAAAHHH 360 BABY.

djbollocks  said about 6 years ago:

I'm going to spend Record Store Day, that's right, buying records.

outerspacextrapnel  said about 6 years ago:

Make sure not to buy them in a record store.

djbollocks  said about 6 years ago:

Nah, buying records online ain't nearly as much fun.

MickeyPratt  said about 6 years ago:

Hey, I'm working in a record store today....

TimChuma  said about 6 years ago:

Jeff Lang playing at Basement Discs in the city. You'll need a crowbar to get in there with all the people.

Reverb  said about 6 years ago:

i'm very gutted that i can't be in london today. It would be very cool to see the Veils and Braggster at rough trade

porkiepie  said about 6 years ago:

is rowland really playing tomorrow? this is great!

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gottagetawookie  said about 11 months ago:

wha?, i wandered into a record store thinking it was there. and gave up my mission

who gets raided in this day and age?

joeboy  said about 11 months ago:

Managed to pick up

Ultimate alternative wavers - built to spill
Spreading rumours - grouplove

Really wanted the r.e.m unplugged. Havant ears of it anywhere in Australia yet. However there are about 30 copies on eBay already, for exorbitant amounts. These flippers kinda suck the meaning out of the day. However, was good fun.

pfinger18  said about 11 months ago:

T'was crazy in Canberra yesterday. A friend texted me from the giant queue outside Landspeed Records. Pictorial evidence of said queue here:

steveholt  said about 11 months ago:

Good article on The Quietus about Record Store Day and how essentially it has been hijacked by major labels going against the primary intention of the day in the first place. Food for thought.

I for one think that anything that brings peoples to record stores in big numbers (like the good old days) is only a good thing. Like djbollocks said nice to see people coming together. Reminded me of lining up at midnight at Big Star for big ticket releases and in stores in the basement there.

For anyone interested who missed out on the Life Without Buildings LP the Whats Your Rupture big cartel page has copies up for normal prices.

stuff and things  said about 11 months ago:

I can't believe I'm saying this, but fuck Record Store Day, it has begun to interfere with independent record labels due to the scarcity of vinyl pressing plants, has led to a de-valuing of independent digital music, and is now a celebration of the bourgeois music industry almost as it was.
Go buy your friends' music, go buy music from your favourite indie label, go help people who do it outta love. Hell, go download free mp3s instead.

outerspacextrapnel  said about 11 months ago:

Thank you international date line for making me miss out on this in both the USA and Oz.

goingblank  said about 11 months ago:

I got Ultimate Alternative Wavers and I just ordered Any Other City from What's Your Rupture (thanks steveholt!). Wouldn't have minded that Mazzy Star 7'' if there'd been any around.

steveholt  said about 11 months ago:

Predictably eBay and discogs awash with overpriced RSD releases now. All I can say is a big fuck you to those people that bought with the intention of profiteering. Completely against the spirit of the day.

djbollocks  said about 11 months ago:

has led to a de-valuing of independent digital music

this can only be a good thing, Right?

Predictably eBay and discogs awash with overpriced RSD releases now. All I can say is a big fuck you to those people that bought with the intention of profiteering. Completely against the spirit of the day.

I confess I did buy a couple of releases with this intention but then I thought better of it. Better to wait twenty years and then sell them.

mrmagoo  said about 11 months ago:

i slept in and missed it again!

oh well, i am not going to jump on ebay straight away and try and buy the things i was after. there is a distinct spike in the value of most of these things in the first weeks/months after record store day, then they drop significantly

joeboy  said 16 days ago:

Who is keen on what this year?

Never know what's gonna rock up on our shores. But I'd love to get my hands on mcluskyism most of all and a few others would be ok consolations if I don't get it.

Like a lot things, flippers have kind of taken the shine off the apple. But I still dig the ethos.

geneclark70  said 16 days ago:

I've scoured the list and feel pretty ho hum about what's been announced so far. I'd like the Steve Reich 2LP Music for 18 Musicians but picked up an ECM original this year, so no urgent need.

Maybe the Joe Gibbs pic disc? Meh.

djbollocks  said 15 days ago:

Nothing I really want on that list either, although McLuskyism is kinda tempting.

zombo  said 15 days ago:

mcluskyism is one of the greatest releases ever. changed my life back when i was in short(er) pants

anonymous  said 15 days ago:

Might stump for McCluskyism because I really love the record, and the new Courtney Barnett ep, but I'm not really fussed by the reissue mania that this has become.

Arthurly  said 15 days ago:

An overall ho hum list this year,

Arthurly  said 15 days ago:

scratch that - just spotted** James Last - Everyday People / Here Comes The Sun 7''**

mrmagoo  said 15 days ago:

I'd like a bunch of things (like the Saints, Replacements, Basement Tapes, some Springsteen stuff), but i'm not too fussed about chasing them on RSD

will wait til the smoke dies down a bit

Urquhart Bluff  said 15 days ago:

I want to get No Memory by No.2. What are the chances of that turning up here?

outerspacextrapnel  said 14 days ago:

I'd love the Steve Reich one.

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