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Record Store Day

themapples  said about 7 years ago  or at  1:58PM on Wednesday, February 13 2008 in events

April 19 is Record Store Day, basically a day that celebrates and publicises independent record stores. Between downloading and major chains, they're getting squeezed out.

I don't know if any Australian places are involved, but anything that draws attention to awesome record shops can't hurt.

JunkiePhil  said about 7 years ago:

What does it actualy do for ME thought?
Open later?
Good on em ,but...

shaun  said about 7 years ago:

open till midnight would be awesome, i always get an itch for record shopping at eleven or so on a friday night

JunkiePhil  said about 7 years ago:

I think polyester is open till 10 or 11 on a friday night.
I got some shit real late one night.

djbollocks  said about 7 years ago:

I will make sure I buy a record on this day.

shaun  said about 7 years ago:

that's awesome, though I'm in Sydney and the only thing likely to be still open at that time is JB Hi-Fi

anonymous  said about 7 years ago:

bump, i think utopia is participating, dunno what with though.

Ohyeah  said about 7 years ago:

day of record fair in glebe

raven  said about 7 years ago:

day of record fair in glebe

Yay! Let's all spend all our record-buying money on second-hand records at the fair and then have nothing left to spend on actual record stores :)

MrsGideon  said about 7 years ago:


HEB  said about 7 years ago:


Instore performances by:
The Veils
Billy Bragg
make Model
The Metros...

anna89  said about 7 years ago:

Greville St Records appear to be celebrating on Sunday with an in store performance including Tim Rogers, Lisa Miller, Chris Wilson, Paul Dempsey and Rowland S Howard.

shortrockus  said about 7 years ago:

i always thought red eye is an independent record store.
doesn't seem to give a shit or mention about this day.

batman4eva  said about 7 years ago:

When I have my own record store everyone is invited for ROCK'N'ROLL DANCE PARTYS AND HOTDOGS AND CHIPPIES ALL DAY AWWW YEAAAHHH 360 BABY.

djbollocks  said about 7 years ago:

I'm going to spend Record Store Day, that's right, buying records.

outerspacextrapnel  said about 7 years ago:

Make sure not to buy them in a record store.

djbollocks  said about 7 years ago:

Nah, buying records online ain't nearly as much fun.

MickeyPratt  said about 7 years ago:

Hey, I'm working in a record store today....

TimChuma  said about 7 years ago:

Jeff Lang playing at Basement Discs in the city. You'll need a crowbar to get in there with all the people.

Reverb  said about 7 years ago:

i'm very gutted that i can't be in london today. It would be very cool to see the Veils and Braggster at rough trade

porkiepie  said about 7 years ago:

is rowland really playing tomorrow? this is great!

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mrmagoo  said about 4 months ago:

cmon m+n! give us a round the grounds news story of who to see play where tomorrow! P Kelly doing Greville and Northside

on the record purchase front, I like that Thornbury have got a list up of what they do and don't have

pfinger18  said about 4 months ago:

A portion of the specials at Red Eye:

10% OFF all 2nd hand/used LPs, CDs & DVDs. .
50% OFF Record revirginzer, while stocks last
$50 OFF Rowland S Howard's 4LP box set '6 Strings That Drew Blood'
$80 OFF Led Zeppelin's Super deluxe editions of II & III - very limited.
10% OFF our wooden LP crates

Specials at Pacific Records:

20% off second hand records
10% off new records
Special deals on turntables and Hi-Fi

Utopia are opening at 7am.

djbollocks  said about 4 months ago:

Round and Round Records in Brunswick have gotten some great RSD titles in, including this rather incredible looking J Dilla picture disc.

ocelotl  said about 4 months ago:

Is there a list online, dj?

tigers  said about 4 months ago:

If anyone sees the neko case 'fox confessor' album anywhere, let me know?
I have to work today and can't be running around town searching! I haven't seen it on any of the lists that any stores have issued...

joeboy  said about 4 months ago:

Just got back from landspeed in canberra, good turnout and good stock. Got everything I wanted except mcluskyism. If anyone gets in and wants to trade for the father John misty love heart single, I'd be up for that.

Hope everyone got what they wanted.

nomad  said about 4 months ago:

There were quite a few Mcluskyisms at Tommy Gun in Hobart. Maybe give 'em a call Monday if you're really keen.

Chuffed with my Pill 'n' Thrills yellow vinyl.

joeboy  said about 4 months ago:

Cheers man, will give them a call.

I got built to spill. Citizen dick, father John misty, white stripes, the replacements.

djbollocks  said about 4 months ago:

If it's in good nick than that's an incredible score with the Ralf and Florian carwash. Very hard to find an original copy of that album, and an Aussie copy no less.

joeboy  said about 4 months ago:

Snagged a mcluskyism, thanks nomad!

Also got a copy of howl howl gaff gaff that was given a tiny repress for sweeden's RSD.

They have a few more up on discogs if anyone is keen,

Wanted it for yonks.

weasel_zapper  said about 4 months ago:

Didn't know about that one, very tempting! Was in love with that album on release, still give it a listen every now and then.

Might have to go into freo and see what dregs are left in the next couple of days.

GrantleyBuffalo  said about 4 months ago:

If anyone spies Slowdive's ''Blue Day'' reissue for under $60, please give me a yelp.

GrantleyBuffalo  said about 4 months ago:

(or at all)

steveholt  said about 4 months ago:

Dirty Three self titled 2LP available from Rough Trade website for anyone who is interested.

Happy that I picked up Saints and McLusky.

Seems a number of stores I went to clearly marked up price of some records. Huge variation in price between records across different stores.

I'm quickly getting tired of Record Store Day and the price gouging that comes with it.

Kez  said about 4 months ago:

I have a friend who works at a shop in Sydney and when I spoke to him a few weeks ago he was lamenting the prices that things would HAVE to be priced at just to get in stock for the day. He's quite ethical and not a deliberate gouger, but the pricing constraints was something he was genuinely concerned about. (I'm on a severe budget so those special releases are all out of my personal price range despite how interesting/curious some of them may be - I was happy with a handful of discounted cheap old CDs and one new one for my RSD 'splurge'.)

geneclark70  said about 4 months ago:

Yeah I think it's too easy to point the finger of blame at all shops...most are simply putting their normal profit margin on records that cost a shitload from the distributor. So what costs them $50 to buy, they sell on for $70 etc. As Steveholt says, there's disparity between what shops are charging for those RSD titles but I think what the disparity shows you is that some shops have gotten into the habit of taking a larger profit margin than others. Which is fairly useful info to learn (buyer beware etc).

All the RSD titles I actually saw were too exxy for my blood e.g. that Amorphous Androgynous 2LP Wizards of Oz mix for $80. No thanks. But I did find two good records on Saturday... the collection of Father Yod/Source Family jams that Drag City put out a while back ($25) and a marked-down copy of the The Apartments' Seven Songs LP that came out for RSD a couple of years ago (only $15 - score). So I was happy enough.

outerspacextrapnel  said about 4 months ago:

Anyone see the Steve Reich reissue on their travels?

JayBS  said about 4 months ago:

Repressed Records had/have it. They are in the process of adding the leftover RSD stock to their online store.

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