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New Noise: Pony Face, Founds, Little Scout, Near Myth, Bloods

A bumper edition of our Soundcloud round-up featuring two Melbourne bands, two Brisbane acts and a lone garage outfit from Sydney.

– Melbourne’s Pony Face recall all those “fuzzy” bands from the ’90s that you used to blow your tiny mind when they appeared late at night on Rage (think: Sparklehorse, Luscious Jackson, The Dambuilders, even Garbage). They’ve even enlisted the help of someone who made their name in that era, Chicago transplant Casey Rice (Tortoise, The Dirty Three, Liz Phair), for new single ‘Silver Tongue’. It’s the second single from forthcoming album Hypnotised (slated for release on August 14). Download it for free here.

SILVER TONGUE by pony face

– Power in numbers seems to be the mantra for a new wave of Brisbane bands eager to push beyond the relatively “safe” confines of your garden-variety three- or four-piece band. Thankfully, Founds have found a way to make all six members co-exist on ‘Avalanches’, a slow-building number with overlapping female vocals, piano, horns and strings. The band have spent the majority of 2012 working on their debut album, Hadean, with producer Mark Myers (The Middle East). They’re winding up a tour this week with Adelaide’s Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!. Dates here.

Avalanches by Founds

– A welcome change of course for Brisbane’s Little Scout, whose new single ‘Go Quietly’ is ironically the “loudest” thing they’ve put out. Proving that people are actually tuning in to triple j’s “Unearthed” radio, the track was mixed by Lars Stalfors (The Mars Volta) in Los Angeles, who approached the band after hearing one of their tracks on the fledgling station. It was written with The John Steel Singers’ Scott Bromiley, who produced their debut. A second album will be out later this year.

GO QUIETLY by LittleScout

– A track about “being smart about getting stupid” by Melbourne’s Near Myth, a new-ish project helmed by Marcus Teague (ex-Deloris, Single Twin), who’s pushed his voice in a very interesting, almost post-punk direction. 'I, Lummox' is the debut single from the four-piece, who have been recording an album in their own studio above a train station for the past three years. It’ll be out in late 2012. In the interim, 'I, Lummox' will be available as a free five-track EP featuring remixes by Dream Kit and Aleks and the Ramps. Out via Bandcamp on June 27.

Near Myth - I, Lummox by Near Myth

– Proving that if it’s garage-y, good and from Sydney, The Straight Arrows’ Owen Penglis probably had a hand in it. ‘Goodnight’, the ’60s girl-group inspired new single from Bloods, was recorded straight to tape by Penglis in his living room and kitchen, and later mixed in his sunroom (yep, the guy sure is living large). The track is available as a 7” single, backed by ‘All The Things You Say Are Wrong’, through Bandcamp, or digitially through iTunes. No points for guessing which format you should probably get it in.

Goodnight by Bloods


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  -   Published on Thursday, June 21 2012 by Darren Levin.
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ghoti-max  said about 3 years ago:

I always get Bloods and Whores mixed up for some stupid fuckin reason (I think they've played on the same bill a bunch of times,) and I worry about whether that means I've got some kind of American Psycho thing going on in my subconscious.

Bloods are pretty great though. So are Whores.

Ash-showoff  said about 3 years ago:

The Pony Face track is killer.

happycow  said about 3 years ago:

Wow, Pony Face sounded completely different to what I expected, awesome stuff! Been meaning to check them out.

Avalanches sure have changed.

lolsmith  said about 3 years ago:


lolsmith  said about 3 years ago:

Also, it's good to see Owen Penglis experimenting a bit, ya know, going out of his comfort zone and stuff.

alloneword  said about 3 years ago:

The Melbourne bands win.

daverh  said about 3 years ago:

Lars listens //AND YOU SHOULD TOO//.

Mess+Noise  said about 3 years ago:


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